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June 30th, 2011
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10 Ways to Easily Earn Swagbucks (Part 1)

Now that you understand how great Swagbucks can really be, let’s start learning how to earn more Swagbucks. (Don’t forget to sign up here if you haven’t yet)

1. Install the Swagbucks Toolbar.

You can conduct internet searches directly on the Swagbucks homepage, but I suggest that you install the Swagbucks toolbar. Then, when you want to search for something, you can just go to the Swagbucks toolbar and search without having to open up the Swagbucks homepage. Because it is so easy, you will be more likely to actually search.

Plus, sometimes you will receive notifications of free Swagbucks codes in the toolbar which you can enter on the homepage of your Swagbucks account in order to add free bonus points to your account. You will miss out on these codes if you do not have the toolbar.


2. Follow the Swagbucks Blog and “Like” them on Facebook

If you’re not following the Swagbucks blog, you are missing out on many opportunities to snag free Swagbucks codes. They release SB codes almost everyday on their blog.

Another great place to find the latest Swagcodes is the Swagbucks Facebook Page. People often post on the Swagbucks Facebook Page what they “searched” and how many SB they earned. I have found that I generally earn SB too when I search the same thing!

3. Don’t think… Just Search

It is that simple. You need to search. One of the best ways to earn Swagbucks is to search. Instead of typing in to visit my blog, simple search “Coupon Closet“. That alone will help increase your chances in winning Swagbucks. If you do this for every site that you visit frequently you will really start racking in the points. Plus, don’t forget to check out the Swagbucks Facebook Page for more search ideas.

Stay tuned for more ways to easily earn Swagbucks….



  • Amanda Jones -

    Under #3 you say “One of the best ways to earn Swagbucks is to search. Instead of typing in to visit my blog, simple search “Coupon Closet“. ”

    Could you please explain why you search one way versus another? What is the difference and why does one earn SB and the other does not?

  • Beau -

    One reason is when you type in just the name, you’re basically telling the search engine to find a website for those terms.

    When you instead type in the actual address there is no search taking place, it just goes to where you tell it.

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