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July 15th, 2011
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10 Ways to Easily Earn Swagbucks (Part 3)

If you have missed the beginning of this series, then head on over here to read more ways to earn Swagbucks. Let’s continue…

7. Go through the No-Obligation Special Offers

Every day, you can go to the No Obligation Special Offers section and skip through all the offers. You can sign up if something interests you, but you can skip through them all. At the end, you just have to type in a simple phrase and you’ll earn 2 Swagbucks. From start to finish, this will take you 15 to 20 seconds and you can do it every single day! 2 Swagbucks might not seem like much, but they can add up quickly.

8. Take Trusted Surveys

Basically Swagbucks offers a survey opportunity similar to others we have seen, only you get paid in Swagbucks, not cash. Some people like it and some do not. Some people do really well with them, and some people spend a lot of time filling out pre-survey questionnaires only to find out they don’t qualify. If you are quick, you can earn some SB pretty quickly this way.

9. Play Swagbucks Games

If you enjoy computer games, then this is a great way to earn more Swagbucks. You can really earn Swagbucks quickly if you are good. 😉

10. Purchase Groupons through Swagbucks

If you’re going to purchase a Groupon deal, always head to the Daily Deals page on Swagbucks and click through there to purchase it. You can earn anywhere from 150 to 300 Swagbucks for your purchase. That could make your Groupon Deal even nicer!

Head on over here if you haven’t sign up for Swagbucks.






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  • Rachael Merritt -

    The only bummer thing is that I rarely ever qualify for the surveys. Now that I have been a member for so long many of the offers that are free–I have already done. I do like Christmas time ’cause videos abound! 🙂

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