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August 31st, 2011
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10K Giveaway: A Coupon Box!

We hit 10,000 facebook fans, right before August ended (Coupon Closet’s birthday month)! Talk about a nice present! 🙂

Today I am giving away a Deluxe coupon box to one lucky winner! Here is what you get inside a box:

  • 1 plastic box
  • 1 reusable shopping bag
  • scissors
  • pen
  • 60 white envelopes to organize your manufacturer coupons
  • 5 green envelopes for your stores
  • 1 separator to keep you scissors and pen separate.

This is a $45 Value! You can learn more about the coupon boxes and see a video on them here.

Even if you don’t win, you can get FREE shipping on the deluxe boxes (second post listed) right now using coupon code 10kface. You can purchase a box here.

So how to do you enter?? All you have to do is share this giveaway and tell your friends why you love Coupon Closet. You can either post it to your facebook wall (just click the facebook icon below this post) or you can e-mail it to a friend (just click the e-mail button below).

Then leave a comment on this blog post (not on facebook) saying you have done it!  The giveaway ends Friday night at 8PM. Good luck!



  • Amber -

    I shared it!! 🙂

  • tabitha -

    I posted it on my page and I always recommend your site to everyone. Even my out of staters….

  • Jen -

    I have shared this on my facebook wall! 🙂

  • I tweeted, emailed friends & shared on both my personal and group Facebook page! Thank you for all that you do!

  • Jeanna Townsend -

    I have done it!!

  • Caitlin -

    Posted and shared on my wall! 🙂

  • I shared on Facebook! 🙂

  • Joy -

    I posted it to our Living Centsibly – Moore Coupon Group Facebook Page!

  • Jules -

    I publicly +1’d this in Google+… does that count? 😉

  • Kerrie G -

    I shared this giveaway on Facebook!

  • Cyndi Stevens -

    I Shared this giveaway on Facebook. 🙂

  • Amanda -

    I posted it on my facebook page!!

  • Shannon -

    I shared this on FB!

  • Kimberly -

    I shared on Facebook.

  • April -

    I love your site. It has helped me be a better couponer. My husband is shocked lol

  • Melanie -

    Shared it on FB!

  • courtney bosarge -

    awesome giveaway! i posted on facebook

  • Lisa Schenk -

    I shared on my facebook wall! I love your website! You have helped our family save so much money! Thank You!

  • Nichole -

    Posted on my facebook 🙂

  • Kari Jones -

    I shared this on FB! Thanks!

  • Marsha -

    I shared on FB. Love your blog!!

  • Debbie -

    Happy to share on FB!!

  • Lisa Schenk -

    Shared on my facebook wall! Thank you so much for all you do!

  • Amanda Blasi -

    I posted it to my wall! I love coupon closet because you keep us up to date on all the good deals around! Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Jennah Gassid -

    I just posted it on my Facebook page! What an absolute blessing coupon closet has been to our family! THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your hard work!! Praying many many blessings for you and your family for all you do for us!!



  • Kari Jones -

    I posted this on FB!

  • Hollye -

    I shared on FB and Tweeted. Awesome milestone and giveaway! Thanks!!

  • Teresa Bass -

    posted on my fb wall

  • Bridget McDonald -

    Shared on FB! Thank you for all you do! =)

  • Amber -

    Emailed and tweeted your site, thanks you for all you do!

  • Thank you so much for the chance to win this awesome coupon box! I have been wanting one for awhile now! I shared this on my Facebook wall and I hope all my friends try to win also! 🙂 You Rock!!!

  • Jessica Price -

    I shared on Facebook! Everyone should like the coupon closet and join in!! I always look forward to your posts! Can’t get enough!!

  • Tabatha -

    I posted to my facebook page! Thanks for all the great coupon tips, recipe ideas, and tutorials.

  • Amanda -

    Posted! Yay coupon closet!!!!

  • Sara -

    I shared the link on my facebook page!

  • Tammy N. -


  • Ty Walck -

    I posted a recommendation on my FB page! Though, I am pretty sure everyone I know is following you!!

  • Valerie -

    Pick me!! =) Shared on Facebook

  • Marlo -

    I shared this on Facebook! Thank you for all that you do!

  • Katie Dunn -

    Just posted the giveaway on my page! I love your site and all you do and I always tell people how awesome you are!! I know it will be totally random, but….PICK ME PICK ME!!

  • kelbi barnes -

    I shared it on facebook, and Carrie you have no idea how much we appreciate your hard work! Thank you so much for helping me save money!

  • Heather Marks -

    I shared with some of my friends in an email!

  • Debbie Walton -

    I did share this on my wall earlier. Sorry about leaving the posting info on your Facebook wall. I was on my iPad earlier and couldn’t read the fine print. OOPS!!

  • Kristi Robertson -

    I posted on facebook!

  • Cassie -

    I give your website out to everyone!I went to a class of yours in Edmond and i gave out all of your cards that came in my box in like a day.! Also if i need more of the envelopes how do i order them?

  • Tarah -

    I share your site on almost a daily basis! People have noticed me carrying my coupons everywhere and ask how to get started. I simply reply I learned it all from you! Your site is so easy to understand! Thank you so much for all do! You’re such an inspiration and a blessing to others! I shared thru email and facebook 🙂

  • stephanie -

    I shared on my personal FB page! I hope I win!

  • Lisa -

    I shared on Facebook!! I would love to win this. Thank you.

  • Kristen Hillerman -

    I emailed a good friend from Muskogee!

  • FLETCH -

    I posted the giveaway on my facebook page! I couldn’t save all I do without your help.

  • Christie G -

    I posted on my face book page.

    I love your site!! you save me time and money every week!! You BLESS so many with your hard work!!

  • Misty Feller -

    Shared on FB! Thanks for all you do!

  • D -

    E-mailed it. Thanks again for all you do Carrie. And congrats on the 10,000+!

  • Candy -

    Congrats on the 10,000+! Think about all those you have help save money. I know my family and I appreciate all that you do. I shared with my friend via email all about you and your blog so she can save money too! 🙂

  • Angela Chavez -

    I shared this awesome giveaway on FB

  • Sierra -

    I shared this on facebook! Thanks Carrie!

  • Janet Dixon -

    Hi.. I shared on my new coupon page.. More4Less! I would so love to win this box method so I can show the ladies at the coupon classes how they work, not to mention I’d like to try it too!! lol Thanks for the chance at one! 🙂

  • Tracie -

    Posted to my Facebook wall!!

  • Heidi Honn -

    Just came home from shopping and saving because of you and immediately posted on FB. Haven’t even had time to put away all my goodies that you helped me save money on!! Thank You!!

  • Jennifer Hall -

    I shared this on facebook!

  • Casey -

    Shared this on my FB wall.

  • Jennifer Hall -

    I e-mailed to my friends also on my e-mail account!!

  • Candice Eldred -

    Just posted on Facebook! Thank you for all your great tips and help with coupons!

  • Christal -

    Shared on Facebook

  • Bobbie Bratcher -

    I posted to my facebook wall!

  • Wendy S. -

    I posted it on my Facebook Wall. Thank you so much for all you do. It sure has helped my family so much.

  • Melissa fixico -

    I posted on my facebook wall!!

  • Brittany -

    I shared this on my Facebook!! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  • tamara schultz -

    I shared via email! Thank you for all you do!

  • Marcya Brightwell -

    I posted this on my page. I have told quite a few people about coupon closet. I am always bragging about the coupons I use. 🙂

  • renee -

    I have posted on FB which I actually seem to do every day! Can’t wait til ur coupon class on the 27th!!!

  • Kara -

    I Have done it!!

  • Ginger Strong -

    LOVE LOVE LOVE COUPON CLOSET. Went to Homeland last night and saved $100. with coupons. What a wonderful feeling. Plus at my Homeland you get the gas coupons as well. Doubling your blessings.

  • Jennie -

    I’ve done it!! Hope to win!! I have just started couponing and this would help sooo much!

  • Jessica Keaster -

    New couponer needing some organization!!
    I just posted the Coupon Closet link to my facebook page!!

  • Sarah -

    I shared this on facebook! Thank you SO much for your wonderful website. We’ve been couponing “for real” for seven months now and it has really, truly changed our lives! Thanks Carrie!

  • Amanda -

    I shared it on my FB wall.

  • Melissa Hobbs -

    Shared it on Facebook! Thanks for all you do Carrie!!!

  • Jen D -

    I shared a post. Not only for the prize, but because everyone should be following you!

  • Ali Sexton -

    I e-mailed this to my mom!

  • Melissa -

    I shared this by e-mail!

  • Kathy -

    Shared with friends :0)

  • Jamie -

    Shared on FB!!

  • Selena -

    Shared on FB!!! 🙂

  • I did it! Shared the link on FB!

  • Marilyn -

    Got er done! Thanks!

  • Jaime -

    Shared on my FB wall! Hope I win!! : )

  • Mandy -

    Posted this on my FB page!

  • Juliann -

    E-mailed it! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!!!

  • Sarah -

    I posted a comment to my wall!! I love your recipes!! Just made your enchilada recipe tonight and the rice recipe—-AWESOME!!! Would be lost without your page!! Thanks for everything Carrie!!!!

  • Mandy -

    Posted it in FB!! Love this site!

  • Tami Ferguson -

    I posted this on facebook

  • Eileen -

    I shared it.

  • Patty -

    Was happy to share it!

  • Cara -

    Posted to Facebook!! My mom’s birthday is coming up so this would be a fabulous present!!

  • malonna davis -

    I did it! forget like it! I LOVE IT! WOOT!

  • Jana -

    I posted it to my Facebook, and I am telling all of my friends about you! Thank you coupon closet!

  • Patty -

    Was happy to post it on facebook!!

  • Shannon -

    I shared this on Facebook!

  • Holly Smith -

    I shared this on my wall!

  • Bonnie -

    I added on FB too!!! We Love Coupon Closet!

  • Mandy -

    Shared on FB… you have changed my life!

  • Becky -

    I just shared the link on Facebook! Thanks for all you do! Couponing makes shopping enjoyable again!

  • Natalie -

    Shared it on FB and emailed to friends. Sure would love a “real” coupon box!

  • Jana -

    I happily shared on FB! I talk about your blog all the time anyway 🙂 Thank you for everything you do to help us save money!!!

  • Vickie Farmer -

    New to coupon clipping! Thanks for the website!

  • Chrissy Hancock -

    I shared it on Facebook! Your information has helped me save bunches! I appreciate all you do! Also, I shared all your business cards with people (I only had 3) and would love to share more. Could you send me some please? I’ll send you my email address separately.

  • Cyndi -

    I posted on my facebook wall! Thank you so much for all you do!

  • Jami -

    Shared on facebook. 🙂

  • Kami P. -

    I shared it on FB!! Love this site!!!

  • Julie -

    Shared it

  • Denise -

    Sent a email

  • Shared the link on facebook!!

  • anna -

    Shared it on FB!!!

  • Marsie -

    Just posted a comment on FB.

  • Jessica Minter -

    shared on fb

  • Marsie -

    Just shared it on my Facebook. And I always recommend your website to others.

  • McCall Dwyer -

    I shared this link on my page!

  • Lisa -

    I just shared on facebook! Thanks for helping me stay a stay-at-home mom!

  • Janna Green -

    I shared! 🙂

  • Kristin -

    I just shared on Facebook!!

  • Kristin Biggs -

    Just shared via email!

  • Shanae -

    Shared on FB! Love the website and so glad you hit 10K fans 🙂

  • Jennifer -

    Did it!! Thanks coupon closet for teaching me so much

  • Leslie -

    I shared on Facebook. This box looks cool. I hope I win!,

  • Sarah s. -

    Shared it!

  • Krista -

    I shared it on Facebook !

  • Dawn g -

    Shared it on facebook!
    Happy birthday and yay for 10K!!!!

  • Debbie -

    I shared through email!

  • Kathy -

    Posted on FB!!

  • Tracie -

    Posted on Facebook. I love your blog. I have shared it with tons of ladies from my church. We are trying to find a date for you to come share your knowledge with the ladies at church. Thanks for all you do!

  • Maria -

    Shared it!

  • Jenna T. -

    I shared it on my facebook page!

  • Carrie Boyd -

    I told everyone on face book how much I love your site

  • Tara LaShomb -

    I shared it! Thanks Carrie for all you do, coupons have changed my life!

  • Shared on my facebook wall!! I bragged about you ;0)

  • Summer Cox -

    I posted it to my facebook page!!

  • Stacy Crutchfield -

    I have SHARED with fb

  • tammy -

    i share d it thanks!

  • Regina -

    It was a pleasure to share on my facebook wall.

  • Cyndi -

    I posted on my facebook wall! Thanks for everything you do!

  • Sonja -

    Shared with friends, and on facebook.

  • Nicole -

    I shared it on facebook. I also have shared it with family and friends across the state and around the country. Thanks for all you do!

  • Cori -

    Happily shared it with my friends!!!

  • Renae -

    i shared ity

  • Renae -


    • Renae -

      sorry, i did it 2 times and can’t delete the other

  • This would so simplify my couponing!! <3 <3

  • Kandi Evans -

    I shared it! Love your site. Thanks!

  • Cari -

    I shared on Facebook too!!!

  • michelle -

    I shared on facebook. Love your site.

  • Teresa L -

    Thanks so much for your site. I shared this link on my FB page.

  • lisa w -

    I shared on FB!!

  • lindsay -

    sent out the emails!

  • Amber H -

    I shared! I’m always sharing the site in the grocery store; my latest share was with the Lawton Firemen while they were shopping for their dinner! 🙂

  • Kimberly S -

    I emailed it to friends!

  • Holly C. -

    I emailed!!!

  • Melissa Galpin -

    I shared on my wall and the Norman Homeschool Association’s wall. Thanks for everything you do.

  • Virginia -

    I emailed and called people! Everyone needs to know about your site and ways to save!!

  • Tiffany Printup -

    I posted it on facebook!

  • Jennifer -

    I posted to facebook!!

  • Candice Montes -

    I shared it on facebook!

  • Julie -

    e-mailed mother-in-law to start saving with me!

  • Julie -

    love to save money & telling my sisters too!

  • Denise -

    I posted it on my FB page — Denise Hapgood Taylor!

  • Jenna B -

    I shared it! Love your site.

  • DID IT!

  • Marisela -

    E-mailed it!

  • I shared on facebook!!

  • Sandy -

    Posted on facebook

  • Heather J -

    Shared on fb!

  • Kathi -

    I shared via e-mail. I love getting good deals and it is all thanks to you!

  • Kristi Richmond-Austin -

    Shared it and the site on fb, my fb page is actually under my son’s name, Devin. I absolutely love your site and am so glad that you do it. It really helps all of us get great deals and feed our families (and others) for less. Keep up the awesome work your doing, you are changing peoples lives. I signed up for the class in Norman in October, see you there!

  • Yvonne Kersey -

    I shared on fb!

  • sarah biggs -

    Shared it!

  • Lisa -

    Yay for 10k!!!!!! I shared it!

  • Renay Stroud -


  • Denise -

    I posted it on FB and gave you a shout out for your coupon class and all the money you’ve helped me SAVE all summer!!!

  • Jennifer Jones -

    I posted it on facebook!! I really wanna win!

  • Bethany -

    I shared it with friends! Love it!

  • Cara -

    I posted on FB. I already have a coupon box but would love a new one to share with a friend! Thanks for all of your help.

  • Bobby Redinger -

    I posted it! Now pick me pick me!

  • Melissa -

    I shared it!!!! Thank you so much for doing this blog and giveaway!!!

  • Kelly Cassidy -

    I shared this on my facebook.

  • Shared on facebook!!

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