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December 13th, 2011
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4 Weeks to a Lower Grocery Bill: Week 3 -Simplify your couponing!

We talked about Menu Planning the first week and then last week we talked about Freezer cooking. I really hope these are helping you prepare for a lower grocery bill in 2012! This week we are going talk about simplifying your couponing adventure.

Is it taking you 2 hours to clip and organize your coupons and you are frustrated that it takes me less than 30 minutes to clip all mine? Are you tired of running from store to store only to find shelves that are empty?

This week I want you to simplify your adventure with couponing and the first way is to STOP stressing out about it! Snagging all the deals isn’t going to save you money -it will actually drive you insane. Remember, time is money as well. The goal with Coupon Closet is to present all the deals to you so you can pick the deals you want to snag. If you don’t have a Dollar General near by, then you probably shouldn’t be driving 30 minutes away just to snag the one item that is on sale this week. That would just be silly.


Today I want to talk about organzing your coupons, because it is the easiest way to simplify your couponing. If you are not using then coupon box method yet, then I highly suggest you start now. The box may not be the best method for everyone, but it will work for the majority of people. I have cut my clipping time down from 2 hours to just under 30 minutes by switching to the box method. You can learn more about my coupon box (including videos) and how I organize it here.

You can also get a great price on the coupon box right now. I am still offering the discount for $10 off the deluxe box. You can learn more and purchase one here.

This week, over the next 2 days, we are going to talk bout two ways to simplify your couponing. Today I want you to start with your coupons -get them organized and find a way to make if faster and easier for you.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about picking the deals to snag. Stay tuned…



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