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Aldi is a fun place to shop and one of my favorite places to buy milk, buns, and produce. It may seem like a strange place at first, but soon you will grow to love your local Aldi store.


How To Shop


Here are a few things you might want to know before you shop there:

  1. Bring a Quarter! You will need a quarter to retrieve a shopping cart. Don’t worry, you will get it back when you return the cart. :)
  2. Bring your own bags. In efforts to keep their costs low, Aldi does not provide you with bags. You must bring your own bags (they can even be plastic ones from other stores). They do offer some paper and plastic bags for sale, if needed.
  3. How do you pay? I always pay with cash, but they also accept debit cards and discover cards.

I try to post the most recent Aldi deals each week. Go here to see all the great items you can snag this week.


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