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February 8th, 2011
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Anyone Can Coupon!

I am going to start a series soon on the Different kinds of couponers! Basically I want to show you that you do not have to be “me” to coupon. You do not have to have an extremely low budget, you do not have to be as thrifty as I am and you can do it at any stage of your life. This is the problem though… I am ME! I can only speak for me and since I am just one couponer… I need your help.

If you have a story about you and your coupons, please contact me here. Please type “My type of Couponer” in the subject. I am looking for young couponers, single couponers, stay at home couponers, couponers that work full time, older couponers and the list continues! If you have a story, we want to hear it. If you submit a story to be published you will be added in the free giftcard giveaway. 🙂 E-mail me the type of couponer you are and I will e-mail you a list of questions that I would like to be answered in your post. Remember, your story could really bless someone who is reading. It is the small things that can really change someone’s life, and your story just might do that!



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