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February 28th, 2013
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Ask the Readers: Do you get better deals from CVS or Walgreens?

This week’s question comes from Jennifer:

When I first started couponing I went to both Walgreens & CVS (in addition to Homeland). In an effort to consolidate my efforts, when Walgreens went to a points system, I eliminated Walgreens and started going to only CVS. I was just wondering if fellow couponers in the OKC area feel that they get better deals at CVS or Walgreens.


What do you think? Do you prefer shopping at CVS or Walgreens? WHy?



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  • Bonnie -

    CVS for sure! The points system is confusing and I have trouble with our Walgreens taking a coupon if their is points. It is not the clerks but their scanning system so it can’t be done. Love, Love, Love CVS!

  • Julie M. -

    CVS. I, too, tried out both when I first started couponing, and I just found CVS easier to understand and it felt like the ECBs were easier to use, more valuable, and more abundant than the old RRs at Walgreen’s. I haven’t been back since they enacted the points system, though.

  • Monica -

    I love CVS, i get way more deals there than at walgreens. quick questions the other day i tried to use a register reward at walgreens and the lady said she could not take it because the amount of the register ($7) exceeded the amount of the sale ($6.47), i told her i did not mind loosing the .53cents and she still refused to even try to scan it? is this correct??


  • Natalie -

    I as well shop more at CVS since Walgreens went to the point system. Today was the first time I have been to Walgreens since they switched from RR to points. The cashier lady is a couponer herself so explained everything to me. Still not to keen on it, so I will only shop there when I find an awesome deal.

  • Michelle Renee Tanodra -

    I tried to use Walgreens. The point things is a bit too much for me and their RR can’t be stacked with coupons. 🙁 I am sticking with CVS!!!!

  • Michelle -

    I agree! Love CVS!!!

  • Tonda Kelly -

    I like CVS the best . Walgreens system is much harder to keep up with I don’t buy as much there because of this.

  • Luba -

    I prefer CVS because their ECB expire after a month, versus the RR expiring in two weeks. Yes, the Walgreen’s point system confuses me too. On the other hand, I will go to Walgreen’s if they have a good deal that does *not* require RR or Balance Points. 🙂

  • Mariah -

    I never shopped at the drug store AT ALL until watching your tutorial on CVS. I only go to Walgreens when I can get Coffee-Mate cheap. I used to buy all that stuff at Sam’s or Walmart… now I do CVS very selectively.

  • Candice -

    Hands down, CVS. The ECBs are good for twice as long, there are less restrictions, and more deals to roll them. Also, rainchecks are a good selling point and they tend to have more inventory. The extracare coupons also sweeten the deals even more.

  • Joan -

    I usually in the minority or the “odd man out” so naturally I prefer Walgreens. Their point system isn’t worth diddly so I pay no attention to it. I shop by price and their prices, on items I purchase frequently, are almost always a little lower then those at CVS. They give rainchecks and honor them forever w/o time limit. I prefer their RRs to the CVS ECBs. Plus I’ve never been able to get anything worthwhile when I scan my card at CVS.

  • Kristyn -

    I too was a CVS/Walgreens shopper until they changed over to the point system. Now I ONLY shop CVS. The point system is way too confusing. So many points equals so many dollars . . . seriously? I’m not even sure how to redeem points. If Walgreens was trying to discourage couponers from shopping there, I’d say they’ve succeeded!

  • Laly J. -

    I used to shop at CVS and Walgreens and even after Walgreens started their points system, I tried it but to me it was too confusing, so I stopped. Now, I only shop at CVS.

  • what dollar tree do you shop at that you find all these deals that you have coupons? I live in Mustang and our dollar tree did not have that cinnamon toast crunch muffin mix or the fruity pebbles cereal. I hope to hear from you soon.

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