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October 12th, 2010
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Beginning Category suggestions for you Coupon Box

As promised (ok, I’m a little late) I am giving you a great start to organizing your coupon box. These were compiled by Chenea (Thanks Chenea!) If you didn’t see my video blog on making a coupon box, make sure you view that here.

Remember, this is just to get you started… with time, as you collect more coupons you will want to expand your categories. Check back later in the week when I will post my categories. I have around 58!

Again, this is just a suggestion… you might not think the same way as me or Chenea. You have to make your box so it will work for you, but hopefully this will get the wheels turning. Enjoy!


Coupon Box Categories for the beginners:

Boxed Foods
Cleaning -Air Freshners
Cleaning -Bathroom
Cleaning -General
Cold -Baked
Cold -Dairy
Cold -Other
Medicine Cabinet
Skin -Shaving
Skin -soap
Skin -other



  • jenni -

    awesome! thank you I have to switch to a box the binder is not working for me!

  • Christy -

    Do you carry the box with you in the store or take out the coupons you know you’ll need?

    • Carrie -

      yes, the box, goes where I go. You will think people are looking at you like a crazy person at first, but really they are admiring how organized you are. 😉

  • Lecia Hopkins -

    I am doing the box method now. I decided not to do the binder. Now I just need a bag, and brave the box in the store 🙂 Excited to see the matchups this week 🙂

    • Carrie -

      YAH! I should have the match ups soon. Just got home from the class. 🙂

  • Sandi -

    Making my own coupon box today! Thanks Carrie! It’ll be similar to yours with a few minor tweaks for me! I’m excited!

  • Lauren -

    This is such a great idea! The binder has not worked for me, and I think was ultimately the root of my lack of couponing, it was too hard to keep it organised and took to long to make the coupons fit inside the slots of the baseball card holders. I have the perfect box for this and am putting it together this weekend. Thank you for sharing this idea! You may have saved me!! lol

  • Kimberly -

    I made my box before you posted this and am currently making a box for a friend. I wanted to share a few things that I do different that may be helpful to someone else.

    1. Instead of placing my trip coupons in envelopes and then back in my box I simply divide them in my small “coupon book”. That way I don’t have to dig into my box each time I go to a store (this was a nuisance when I only needed a few items at one place). If I decide the “deal” wasn’t as good as I thought then I simply place them at the back of the book until I get home to refile it in my box later. My RR’s and ECB’s stay in the book.

    2. I color coded my index cards with a line of marker before labeling them. Here are my categories:
    White (Receipts)
    Orange (Beverages)
    Yellow (Fresh)
    Gray (Canned)
    Soups and Broths
    Veggies – pasta sauces go here
    Light Blue (Cleaning)
    Blue (Cold)
    Bread or Dough
    Meal or Side Items – this is one I am adding
    Green (Dry)
    Baking – all items needed for baking
    Cereal – hot and cold
    Condiments – pickles, salad dressing, dried onions, parmesan cheese etc
    Meals – any that are not a pasta or grain item or can be a complete meal
    Pasta and Grain
    Mixes – muffins, desserts, etc
    Snacks – chips, fruit snacks, bars, popcorn etc
    Purple (Frozen)
    Bread- waffles included
    Dessert and Dairy
    Meals – pizza here
    Meats – nuggets and meatballs etc
    Veggies and Fruit
    Pink (Hygiene)
    Body Care – razors, body wash, deoderant
    Hair Care
    Oral Care
    Skin and Face – lotions here
    Red (Meat and Eggs)
    White (Misc) – candy, lightbulbs, batteries, picture deals etc
    Brown (Paper)
    Dark Yellow (Pet)
    White (Restaurant and Entertainment)

    Sorry it’s so long but I thought it might be helpful.

  • Brittany Weiser -

    What do you categorize ziploc, reynolds wrap, foil, etc under? It doesn’t seem to quite fit any of mine. I am looking foreward to the Feb. 7th class, I’m a little overwhelmed but ready to learn and start saving!!!

    • Carrie -

      I have a plastic envelope. I then put (and foil) in there since they are all in the same aisle. That makes sense to me, but might not make sense to everyone else. See you on the 7th!

  • Joshua -

    I’m doing a box, I’m using a free lunch box I got to hold the lock n lock box in works good!

  • LindaOK -

    Just viewed your video about your coupon box. I am SO excited and can’t wait to make my own. What a great idea! Got a problem, though, I don’t have a laminating machine. Can you give me any ideas on where I can get the envelopes and cards laminated? Do you know how expensive it might be? Worth every penny, though, I’m sure.


  • LindaOK -

    Never mind my previous post…I found that you are actually selling these boxes with the envelopes and everything.

  • jessi -

    Linda I wish I would have seen her box before I made mine, it is worth EVERY penny, when my homemade one dies I will be buying her’s not making another one!!!

  • carri -

    hi carrie,
    so excited to make my box on this rainy and perfectly dreary sunday! I’m signed up for the class on oct. 18, and can’t wait to meet you then!!

    thanks for everything already!!

  • Samantha -

    Let me say I had my box stolen and went to a binder type method of which I hate!! I am creating a new box!!

  • Carmen -

    I think you should offer your organizing list in a labe lformat to print off easily and place on the tabs.

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