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  • The Best Homemade Shower Cleaner

best homemade shower cleaner

Today I thought I would share the best homemade shower cleaner as one our frugal House Cleaning tips and tricks, because it works amazing and you only need two ingredients! My friend told me about how much she loves her shower cleaner and I thought she was a tad crazy. I mean… could Dawn and vinegar really work that good?Follow Me on Pinterest

I was honestly shocked but it does! It really does the job!

All you need is Dawn (I use the blue kind) and then vinegar to make your homemade shower cleaner.

How to make homemade shower cleaner in a spray bottle:

  • 2 cups of vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of Dawn

In a spray bottle combine the dawn and vinegar. Mix thoroughly and spray. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then clean.

homemade shower cleaner tip

Now, my number one tip to keeping my shower clean is to use a dish soap dispenser and sponge. Several brands make them and even Amazon has them for sale for cheap.

I put a little bit of Dawn and then fill the rest up with Vinegar. I keep this in the shower. Then when I am showering I am able to do a quick scrub down. The steam form the shower helps break down the dirt and grime so it makes the scrub even easier.

I do this probably once every two weeks and it works great to keep my shower clean. I normally have to refill my dispenser about once every other month so a little goes a long way.

Plus, if you have kids, the kids think this is so much fun. They love scrubbing the shower down with this while they are taking a shower. They get to have fun and I get a clean shower – I call that a win – win! 🙂

Remember, if you need a sponge soap dispenser, you can buy them here. I have one for each shower. 🙂

the best homemade shower cleaner

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This is definitely the best shower cleaner I have used and made. It works great without the extreme fumes that I used to have to deal with when I was cleaning my shower. 🙂

Plus, this is crazy frugal too! We get Dawn soap for cheap all the time with our coupons. Vinegar is crazy cheap too!

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