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February 11th, 2016
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The Best Stain Remover and it only cost us $1

Welcome Pinterest fans! I’m so excited that you are here and I am ready to help you save money! First, read my post on how we pay just $20 for an entire year’s worth of Laundry Soap – no coupons needed! Also, make sure you sign up for my e-mails and join me on Facebook so you too can save 50% off or more each month on your grocery bill. Fels Naptha is the best stain treatment and it is cheap

So last week we talked about making your own Laundry soap and how great this specific laundry soap actually works. This week I want to talk about why – it is that special soap bar called Fels-Naptha. This special soap is a GEM and in fact, we keep a bar on a plate (like you see above) in our laundry room to stain treat our clothes. It is by far the BEST stain remover we have found.

Above is a picture of our son’s sweatshirt – (his favorite one actually) but he stained it with mud while playing backyard football. We tried oxi-clean and it didn’t come out. We tried Shout and it still didn’t come out. Finally I tried the fels-naptha bar and it came out immediately.
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The best stain remover is fels naptha

I got the bar slightly wet and rubbed it on the stain. I then grabbed a sponge to rub it in. As you can see in the picture the stain is gone. This picture was taken BEFORE the sweatshirt was washed just so you can see how fast it actually works.

The Felsnaptha bars is the best stain remover. So you are probably wondering where you can get the Best stain remover…

Fels-Naptha bar is found in almost any store and even on Amazon. I have bought it at Crest (locally) and Walmart. You will find it in the Laundry detergent aisle, so it isn’t hard to find. It is cheap too. The cost is only around $1 – actually we paid $.98. 😉 This is the best stain remover and it only cost us $1

If you are wondering how long this will last you, we have 4 kids with lots of stains.  The picture below is a picture of our Fels-Naptha that we have been using for 4 months. As you can see… it is going to last a long time. We have barely put in a dent! 😉

This stain remover isn’t just for clothes!!

I actually used it on my carpet the other day and got a stain out of my carpet very easily. This simple bar soap will probably be your next favorite thing!
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Leave a comment and let us know if you try it and like it as much as our family!





  • Saw this via Pinterest and just had to jump over and tell you that we also LOVE Fels-naptha. It’s gotten out all sorts of stains for us. (In fact, I also blogged about it in my 10 Ways to Save When Doing Laundry post!) 🙂

    I just want to second what you said- it’s incredibly effective, easy to use and well, crazy inexpensive too. I never thought of using it on the carpet- thanks for that suggestion! Will have to remember it.

  • casey -

    I keep mine in a little plastic tub in my laundry room and use an old recycled toothbrush to scrub it in….lightly, of course. I have also used Zote with the same results.

  • Marian -

    When my son played little league, another mom told me I had to get this soap. In Florida the ball fields are that red clay. Fels Naptha was the only thing that got those red stains out of white baseball pants. Every time!

    • Carrie -

      I can’t wait to use it during baseball season. 😉

  • I’m adding this to my grocery list! I need new stain remover, and for the bargain price for $1, I’ll try this before going back to one of the sprays!

    • Carrie -

      You will love this MUCH better than the sprays – trust me… I used to love my sprays.

  • Thanks for the tip!! Adding this to our shopping list right now.

  • Jenny -

    My daughter spilled a quart of red Crystal Light on our cream-colored rug and after working on it for a while with Fels Naptha, you can’t even see a stain!

  • I have used this soap to make homemade laundry detergent but never thought to use it as a stain remover. Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  • Kim Rosenblum -

    Has anyone tried this on other types of stains? I was eating shrimp scampi and some of the oil from it ruined my shirt. I actually have many sweatshirts with some sort of food set-in stain. Anyone else have luck with these types of stains?

  • Sara -

    For stains, I keep some shredded fels naptha in a small jar in my laundry room (I hold some back when I make my laundry soap). Then I just wet a tooth brush and dip it in the fels naptha shreds. It makes it much easier and quicker to work into the fabric.

  • Debbie -

    I can’t find a list of the products for the free affair of the heart ticket.
    We don’t eat yogurt so I need to know of other products.

  • anne gehan -

    It’s funny you should post about fels naptha! My parents have used it since I was little as a stain remover and it has always been their favorite! 🙂

  • Kate -

    Does this work with set in stains as well (as in clothes that have already been through the wash and are still stained)? I also tend to attract grease stains. Does it work on those?

    • Judy -

      My daughter got motor oil on a pink ski jacket. After washing and drying it the stain was still there. I scrubbed Fels Naptha into out and let it sit for awhile. After running it through another wash cycle the stain was completely gone! It truly is the best stain remove inv ever used!

  • Carol -

    Thanks Carrie for all this information. I made the laundry detergent you shared and it works great in my front load HE washer. I just put the powder in the tub. And I had read about using the fels naphtha bar for stain remover before I made the detergent. I saved the last little bit of soap (you know, the small piece that is hard to shred) for stain removal. I have used it on my Grandson’s clothes and has removed all the stains.

  • Valina -

    I leave a bar in my laundry room and grate it in my laundry detergent as a boost to make sure my clothes stay stain free.

  • Liz -

    What cycle and temp. Was water when you washed clothes with this stain remover?

  • Melissa -

    Do you have a formula for this in a liquid detergent? The manual for my front load HE washer says to not use powdered detergent. Thanks.

  • Louise Salyer -

    I have been making my own laundry soap for around a year. It is great. I will put the oxiclean in it the next time i use it. I do the dry soap. I know you can make it liquid as well.

  • Maranda Lambert -

    I know this sounds crazy, but I use this as body wash every summer. Ever since I was younger I would get poison ivy, oak, and sumac like crazy. It never fails. Last year it got so bad that I was put on steroids and I’m a Type 1 diabetic so I was miserable due to the side effects of the medicine. Anyway, my great grandma told me to wash with this in the shower and it completely dried it out. It was wonderful! I’ve already had poison ivy so far this spring and I’ve been washin with this as body soap for two weeks and it’s gone. I only washed for the extra week to make sure it was totally gone.

    • Debbie Albright -

      Maranda, that’s not crazy at all. My daughter had bad poison ivy too and my mother in law told me to try this and it worked like a charm! While at the salon an older lady said she has used it for shampoo most of her life without any signs of drying it out. Amazing stuff!!!

  • Melanie Teska -

    I have a wool sweater from Ireland that needs to be dry cleaned. Do you think this soap would work on wool?

  • jb -

    Dry clean means no water. You’ll shrink your sweater no matter what type of soap you use.

  • B.Wilson -

    I’ve use this soap for year it’s great.

  • sue -

    My mom had used this soap for many, many years!! We grew up hearing her say “get the yellow soap” whenever there was a stain on anything !! And yes it works wonders..!!!

  • Robin -

    grandmother used it always
    have it on hand with an old toothbrush for scrubbing

  • Amanda -

    Grew up with my Mom and Grandma who always had a bar in the laundry room for stains. Most stains will come out with fels naphtha. Some will require working soap into stain. For baseball pants, usually wet stains, rub soap in, then leave to sit a bit or longer before washing. Works well on most anything. For really stubborn stains that don’t come out the first time, usually hang up wet out of washer (forego drying), apply more fels naphtha and add a squirt of green Palmolive dish soap. I got blood out of a new white bath towel that I was convinced I would have to throw out. Came completely out. Works well on baby stains (spit up, formula, food and other unmentionable stains.)

  • Paula -

    I looked all over in the store for this. Finally asked clerk…they kept it in the body soap aisle even tho it says rite on the pkg that it is laundry soap. Go figure.

  • Charlotte -

    Is this good for sensitive skin and baby items?

  • kathleen jenkins -

    I can hardly wait to try this product.

  • I can’t wait to try it my husband is Good at not watching out for stains.

  • Melinda -

    I read this post on Pinterest several months ago. I saw a bar on the laundry aisle a couple of days ago and decided to buy it. Last night my son got a huge rust colored stain on a new white shirt. I wet the shirt and rubbed the bar on the spot. After soaking the shirt in water for a few minutes, the stain was gone!
    I will no longer be needing my old spray cleaner.

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