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Side Dishes

July 20th, 2017

15 Quick and Easy Summer Salads You Will Love!

E-  Salads are so light and refreshing in the summer. It’s the perfect meal when it’s hot outside and you don’t want to eat something heavy. One of my favorite salads is strawberry spinach salad. Yum! 15 of the Best Summer Salad Recipes Coing with vegetables that are still in season is […]

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March 3rd, 2017

Copycat Recipes

E- One of the easiest ways to save money is to make copycat recipes at home. Instead of going out to get your favorite meals you can make them at home for a fraction of the price. Seriously! Skip the Starbucks Hot Chocolate and make it at home for literally 75% off. […]

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January 3rd, 2014

How to Make Cauliflower rice

E- Have you ever heard of Cauliflower rice? I read about it about a year ago on and probably 6 months ago, I finally tried and and my husband and I it! It los like rice, but is is actually Cauliflower! I can’t get enough of it. I know many […]

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September 25th, 2013

How to Make “Canned Beans” in Your Crockpot

E- I can’t believe it but fall is officially making its debut! Last night we were excited that we are going to make chili on Saturday because the weather is going to be perfect chili and cornbread weather. In preparation for “chili season” I am making up pots of beans to freeze, […]

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July 30th, 2013

20 Healthy and Delicious Grilled Vegetable Recipes

E-Mmmmm… grilled vegetables! We LOVE grilling our vegetables! We have met a handful of people who didn’t care for veggies and after tasting our grilled veggies, they have had a change of heart taste buds. I may be biased, but the Grilled Vegetable Recipes from Coupon Closet are sure to please even the […]

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July 28th, 2013

Grilled Sweet Potatoes & Potatoes Recipe (30 Days of Grilling, Day 24)

E- Man, I am loving this 30 days of Grilling series! To be honest, I don’t think I want it to end, and this Grilled Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes is a perfect recipe for your family to try.I could probably go another 30 days… and maybe I will. 😉 Maybe…. Ok, Back […]

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July 26th, 2013

Grilled Broccoli Recipe – (30 Days of Grilling, Day 22)

E- We have grilled just about everything on this 30 days of grilling series, so ofcourse when broccoli was on the menu, I decided we had to try it on the grill! This Grilled broccoli recipe was easy, fast and icious. The best part… no clean up! Grilled Broccoli Recipe All you […]

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July 23rd, 2013

Grilled Avocado Recipe (30 Days of Grilling -Day 19)

E- For some reason I am on an avocado kick right now, so I thought I would try Grilled Avocados. I am putting avocados on EVERYTHING so don’t be surprised if you see a few recipes with avocados in them. 😉 I saw on over the weekend that you could […]

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July 19th, 2013

Grilled Zucchini Foil Packs (Day 18 of 30 days of Grilling)

E- I can’t believe I did it! I forgot to post my day 18 on our 30 Days of Grilling yesterday. AHHHH!! I even worked on it and didn’t get it post. Oh well… I am atleast getting it posted,right? Grilled Zucchini Foil Packs Well I wanted to our zucchini vegetable […]

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