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Frugal Tip

April 14th, 2015
how ot make glue - square

How to Make Glue – only 2 ingredients!

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I do a lot of craft projects and kid’s projects in the house. From our homemade mod podge, to our glitter slime, and our homemade play dough we have a lot of fun around here. However we don’t always have enough glue on hand for some of our craft projects. When we are elbow […]

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April 13th, 2015
save on camping square

5 of the Best Tips to Save Money on Camping

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail 5 Tips to Save Money on Camping Camping on the surface would seem to be a very inexpensive way to have a good time and it is if you are willing to rough it. Not many people head out into the great outdoors however with nothing but a tent and gun to gather food. […]

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April 8th, 2015
how to start a compost pile in your backyard

How to Start a Compost Pile in your backyard

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail So, you’ve decided its time to start composting? Great! You will not regret this decision. Once you know what to do, it really is easy and rewarding. Make sure you read our post on How to Compost for some basic information. Today we want to talk about how to start a compost pile. Yes, […]

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April 2nd, 2015
chefs store square

6 Things to Buy at the Chef Store to save money!

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail We have a US Foods Chef Store by our house and for a while now I have been wondering if it is worth a trip inside. Well, I am happy to report that my trip to the Chef Store was not only money saving, but eye opening as well. I took some pictures for […]

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March 31st, 2015
clip coupons fast - square

Save Time on Clipping Coupons

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Today I wanted to talk about cutting newspaper coupons. It can be tedious, especially if you are getting several newspapers like my family. As promised I finally got the video done for how I clip my coupons. It seems like such a  simple idea, but like me, many of you probably haven’t even thought […]

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March 30th, 2015
dryer sheets square

27 Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Do you ever take the used dryer sheet out of the dryer and wonder, “What else can I do with this instead of throw it away?” Ok, maybe you don’t, but I do. I just have this need to reuse as many things as possible. If there is an alternate use for it I […]

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March 23rd, 2015

How to Make Candles – DIY Champagne Flute Candles

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I am a true lover of candles and have them all around my home.  I also have a lot of Champagne flutes lounging around my home so I decided to take my favorite glassware and turn it into candles to be used in my home.  Did you know making candles is a very easy […]

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March 19th, 2015
how to soften old towels

How to Soften Towels so they feel like new!

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail How to Soften Towels and Make them feel like new! I hate it when my towels start to feel crusty and old. Instead of buying new, try to freshen them up with these 5 tips: 1. Use Vinegar The first way we can make our old towels like new is by looking at our […]

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March 17th, 2015
Homemade Mod Podge recipe square

How to make Homemade Mod Podge

FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail I love being crafty and most of the time those crafty projects require the use of a magical product called Mod Podge. I love Mod Podge and it can be used on so many surfaces making it easy to work with, but it can be quite expensive. My bottle of Mod Podge was getting […]

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