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November 16th, 2010
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Coupon Closet Readers give back!

I really haven’t had a chance to blog about the last two classes we taught. First we taught a class in Edmond and quite frankly had a blast. Everyone was so friendly and we all laughed so hard we almost cried! We can’t wait to go back to Edmond to teach again.

Then on Thursday we taught a class at St. Andrews United Methodist in South OKC. Again, we had a great time! This time, we decided to do a food drive. For everyone who donated a food item, they received a ticket for a chance to receive a stack of coupons. This was the perfect opportunity for one lucky winner to get a kick-start with couponing! Look at all the food that was brought.

I am still amazed by all the food! This was a last minute idea of mine, that I thought of on Tuesday, just two days before the class. To be honest, I was only expecting a hand full of food. Everyone proved me wrong -we were surrounded by a group of giving people that night! I am so proud of all the people who brought food Thursday night to donate to the food bank. Thank you so much for helping Coupon Closet give back to the community. This was so much fun, that we are going to do something similar for every class!

If you haven’t been to a coupon class, you are missing out! They are completely FREE and quite frankly, a blast to attend. We do not have any more classes in the metro before the end of the year, but will have the dates for January posted soon! See you then!



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