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February 5th, 2015
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Coupon Savings Calculator

coupon savings calculatorI’m so excited to share with your our newest version of the Coupon Savings Calculator (2015). I know many of you use it each year to help you stay on budget. I’m so sorry I’m late this year with the Coupon Calculator, but I had a few difficulties getting it updated.

Not only will it help you each month on keeping track of your spending, but it actually total your savings and your money spend from month to month and even the entire year.

coupon savings calculator


If you want to stay motivated with your couponing, this Coupon Calculator will help you with that.You will need excel in order to use this coupon savings calculator.


You can download the 2015 Coupon Savings Calculator here.


graph coupon calculator

I love the graph included because it automatically graphs your spending and saving. It is nice to look back for next year so you will know about how much you spend each month. It helps you prepare for big events. For example, three of our 2 kids’ birthdays are in October. That is a BUSY month, because also there is Halloween. I know we will probably spend more that month because of the craziness. Seeing that, helps us plan for that month.

monthly totals calculator

I know many of you look forward to this each year and I just know that this coupon calculator will continue to help you save money each month.

If you haven’t yet, you can download the newest 2015 version here.

free coupon saving calculator - facebook image

coupon savings calculator square

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  • Amber M -

    I just opened the calculator and it is AMAZING!!!!! Thanks Kelley for putting that together!!!

  • Liz -

    THIS IS SO AWESOME! Much better system than me saving all my receipts in an overstuffed folder in my box. My favorite part is it does all my math for me. Thank you so much Kelly!

  • David -

    Pretty cool spreadsheet. I put my receipts from last week in and it shows I had an 88% savings. Can’t wait to get a full months worth of data into it. How do you get rid of the picture in cell B13 on the store1 tab. It doesn’t affect anything but I can’t delete it.

  • Lauren -

    Im having a hard time with this. When I click the link a window opens up that wants me to open or save the file. I have tried both and neither will let me pull it up. I cant even find it on the computer anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I have Microsoft Exel, so why cant I find this?! lol

  • Lauren -

    Its saying that its a “zipped folder”, what does that mean?

  • Kerry -

    I having trouble, too….lots of files with XML extention, but no excel files

  • Angie -

    I’m having trouble as well. I have Excel, I tried both saving the zipped file and just opening it rather than saving it. I can find it saved on my computer but everything I go to open takes me to an internet page full of codes and it doesn’t open to excel 🙁

    • Liz -

      What version of Excel do you have? Is it one of the older programs? I have 2010 and it downloaded it fine.

      • Lauren -

        I have im guessing the 2010 version. I bought my lap top from Best Buy last fall so im guessing its the 2010 version. I think I have Windows 7, but im not sure if that makes any difference.

  • Angie -

    I extracted the files…still not working. 🙁

  • John -

    The excel spreadsheet is in Excel 2007/2010 XLSX format. If you have Excel 2003 you will not be able open the file unless it is saved as an XLS file and reposted. BTW, Great Spreadsheet.

  • Lauren -

    Okay, I figured it out. The file is saved under the Desktop. Open your Exel program. Then go to “open” and select the “all files” from the drop down box on the bottom right hand corner. Then click on the desktop file on the left and inside there you will see the “zipped” file. Click on it to open it, then the warning will come up asking you to verify that the file isnt corrupt. Select “yes” and then it should open 🙂 Hope that helps you! I didnt realise it was saving the actual zipped file under the desktop lol

    • Janette -

      This worked for me. Im not a computer whiz but i am pretty familar with excel and downloading and this was puzzling to me. Thanks for the help! 🙂

    • Rachel -

      Thanks. I was not able to find it but with your help I figured it out. Thanks for the post. It was very helpful!!!!

    • Jayme -

      You are a genius!! Thank you!Very helpful!!!

  • Angie -

    I have Office 07… Thanks Lauren! That worked by opening Excel first and doing it that way! Thanks so much!

  • Michelle -

    Since there wasn’t enough sheets for all the stores I used, I tried to copy and paste one of the sheets to make a new one and it won’t let me. Is this possible or am I only stuck with using 4 stores on the excel file?

    Thanks so much!

  • Lyndsey -


    Because of the way the spreadsheet is set up you won’t be able to add another store without a lot of hassle. The main page reflects totals for all your stores and adding another store would mess that up.

  • Kristen -

    I just downloaded a second calculator to have more stores.

  • jessi -

    I aslo just made a misc store tab….for store I don’t go to much. And I combined sams and aldi since either one of them don’t coupons. But my question is since its password protected is there any way to add a column, I would like to put misc info in it…But I do love it!!

  • Sarah -

    When you total up your savings, do you put the total before or after taxes?? Always wondered about that.

  • Kimberly -

    I have Excel 2003. Will I not be able to use this?

  • lindsay -

    I have excel 2003 and it will not open on my computer:(

  • Stacy -

    Love Love Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melody -

    Well, I tried opening Excel first and it didn’t recognize the file and imported junk like all over the screen. Is it possible for someone to covert the file from an .xlsx to a .xls file and repost it? If you have a later version of Excel, it would be super easy to convert it. I’d do iyt if I could. 🙁

  • Kimberly Pennala -

    I just downloaded the coupon calculator, but I’m confused on how the system works. Well the main one I’m having trouble with is the Homeland reciept I have. On the receipt here’s what it look likes:

    Fisher Bou Fish Fipc——4.49 B
    SC 7310 One Card Saving——2.24 -B

    So have do I know have much I actually paid for the product.

    They were also BOGO and I had a $0.75 coupon on top if it.

  • Nicole -

    I downloaded the Zip file but it does not contain an excel document. I have excel on my computer and I use it everyday for work, but I can’t seem to get the calculator to open. I have a windows 7 operating system. Any suggestions?

  • SUSAN -

    What can we do if we do not have excell? I have works.

  • Tamara Willis -

    Is it possible to have this e-mailed to me because I am not able to open it either 🙁


  • Susan -

    I can’t use it and I am an Excel user. It is protected so therefore I can not enter any information other than in three columns.
    And it looks like a wonderful sheet, but not useful to me at this time

  • tina -

    The coupon calculator is FABULOUS!!! Can you please post a 2012 calculator….:)

    • Carrie -

      that is actually my plan to do today! 😉 Well… tonight.

  • Zena Sue -

    The Savings Calculator won’t calculate 2012 entries.

  • Priscila -

    I had to use google chrome to download the file and then it work for me.

  • Amy -

    Has the 2012 savings calculator been posted yet? I can’t seem to find it…

    • Betty -

      Yes I am interested in the 2012 calculator.

  • Sarah -

    Is there anyway to change to year to 2014 so I can start using this again. I loved it when I used it in 2011 but I can’t change to date from year to year so I have stopped using it.

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