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  • Top 6 Best Places to Find Coupons

best places to find coupons
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Where in the world can you actually get real coupons?

This is a question I get asked all the time when I am teaching coupon classes and helping others learn how to coupon. Today I want to tell you about the top 6 best places to find coupons that you will actually use. I’m about to give you a lot of information so don’t get overwhelmed. Relax, and enjoy it.

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By the time you are done reading you will really be able to understand where you can find coupons.


1. Get coupons in the Newspaper:

One of the easiest ways to find coupons is in the Sunday paper. Make sure you head Right now, you can snag some great deals online for newspapers. Just go here and then type in your zip code to find the best deals in your area.

There are discounts on all newspapers right now.

Yes, you can head to the store and buy a paper on Sunday morning, but you are guaranteed a paper and the coupons if you have a subscription. If you are buying your paper at the store, you are not guaranteed.

How do you know what coupons we will get in the paper?

Every Thursday, I do a post on how many inserts we are going to get that following Sunday. Bookmark this page if you want, because I update it each week. That way, you know if you need to go and purchase extra papers. You can always check out the Sunday Coupon Preview to see what we will get too.

  • How many papers should I buy?

Some people may tell you to buy a lot of papers each week. I will disagree. I personally believe you can still get those extreme savings without the extreme actions. In my opinion, you should get 2 papers every week. On those weeks that they are full of HOT coupons, you can then head to the store to buy a few extra. I have 3 papers delivered to my house each week. However, the I generally give away the third set in my free coupon classes.

2. Printing coupons is the BEST way to find coupons.

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Printing coupons is my favorite way find coupons. In fact, I post hot coupons all that time. When you first print coupons you will have to download a coupon printer, but you shouldn’t have to do it after that. Printing coupons are very easy to do and the best part is you only have to print the ones you need. Make sure you bookmark our coupons page to stay on top of the newest printable coupons.Here are the most common places to print coupons:

I try to post and let you know when new coupons pop up. Most coupons will allow you to print two of them. Normally, I can just hit the back button and get another coupon to print.

todays new coupons

Every night we update this page with the newest printable coupons. You can bookmark that page if you want too.

  • How many printable coupons can you print?

Most coupons do not allow you to print more than 2. You can however, head on over to another computer in your house and print 2 more if needed. I would only do that on HOT coupons – coupons that you just LOVE and know you are going to use. HOT coupons are those that are considered time sensitive. Some companies will issue a coupon will set a print limit of maybe 50,000 prints (for example). That means that only the first 50,000 people will get to print that coupon. I call them HOT coupons, because they may not last long and you will want to print it now before it is gone.

  • Get text alerts so you don’t miss HOT coupons.

Coupon Closet has a new feature where you can get a text message anytime there is a HOT coupon or a time sensitive deal. That way if you are sitting on your couch watching your favorite show, you can be alerted of a hot coupon. You can run and print that coupon and get back to your favorite shoe. You can learn more about the text message alerts here.

3. Magazines are another great resource for coupons.

This might shock you but several magazines have fabulous coupons inside. I post magazine deals all the time. You can see them here.

all you

My favorite magazine for coupons is the All You Magazine. It is a magazine FULL of high value coupons. Normally you can see anywhere from $50 to $100 worth of coupons inside.

You can only find this magazine at Walmart or Walmart Neighborhood markets. They are about $2.47 per issue. I recommend purchasing a subscription. The cost is only $1.67 per issue so you will save on the initial cost and you also will receive the magazine a few weeks earlier. This magazine will quickly pay for itself with the coupons inside.

4. Use your Smart Phone to get coupons

best money saving apps to help you save more money

Your smart phone is such an easy way to find coupons. You can snag a lot of coupons with different apps on your phone. Head on over to read on of my previous posts on the best money saving apps that will help you save even more money at the grocery store.

5. Contact Companies for coupons

Most people never think of this, but e-mailing companies is a great way to get coupons. If you prefer one kind of toilet paper, or one kind of yogurt, then e-mail that company and let them know how much you love them. You might then be surprised with some coupons in your mail box! I do this all the time with my favorite companies. This is especially a great ideas for those of your with food allergies.

6. Sign up for Freebies

Freebies don’t come around as often as they used to, but they are still there. Often times companies will provide a freebie that you can sign up to receive. You will get the product in the mail but often times you also get high value coupons with them! It is a win-win! This is especially true if companies are putting out a new product. Be careful though, you don’t want to sign up for all freebies. Often, they are spam. You can find legitimate freebies on our freebies page.


Now I hope I didn’t overwhelm you 🙂 , but hopefully this will get you started on your couponing adventure. Stay tuned, because over the next few days I’ll be posting more and more great tips and adding them to our Couponing 101 page.

Remember, start small to snag a few coupons this week and then next. Eventually you will really start seeing yourself save even more money.

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