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March 19th, 2016
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Couponing at Walmart – Tips you need to know!

couponing at walmartWalmart can be a frustrating experience when using coupons. Because couponing at Walmart can be irritating, I wanted to create a post to help you understand how to shop at Walmart. In general shopping at Walmart is a very straightforward process and if you are prepared you will be able to snag a lot of good items for FREE

These are the terms you need to become familiar with when couponing at Walmart:

  • Roll Back:  It’s a temporary sale price offered on a particular item. (Not all items that are on “roll back” are always on roll back though)
  • Price Match:  Walmart price matches competitors ads.  You do no have to have the ad with you anymore, but I recommend you bring your ads so you have a smooth check out. Make sure you read my post on how to price match at Walmart.

Things to Remember When Shopping at Walmart

  1. You can use up to $40 worth of coupons at a regular check out without requiring manager approval (at self checkout this goes down to $20).  After manager approval you can use as many coupons as you want. I would try to stay under $40 just so you don’t have any extra wait time.
  2. Before you leave the store make sure to check your receipt to verify that coupon discounts you expected were applied.  It is easier to correct situations right after you complete the transaction than later.
  3. Remember, not all cashiers know their coupon policy. Be patient and kind and always have your coupon policy with you.

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Walmart FAQ

1. Why do prices on items vary from store to store?

According to the Walmart website “Prices may vary from store to store because each store is required to manage its own inventory. Therefore, a manager may lower a price to clear out an overstock item, to reward customers with an in-store sale, or to compete with local merchants. It is not our policy to price match our own stores or our online service since we are not in competition with ourselves.”

2. I had a horrible shopping experience, what do I do?

Your best course of action is to call Walmart’s Customer Service at (800-WAL-MART) and calmly explain what happened.  In my experience your call will be followed up with a call from a local management.

3. Does Walmart Price Match competitor’s Prices?

As mentioned before Walmart does match competitor’s prices.  Make sure to check out post on how to how to price match at Walmart.

4. Does Walmart double coupons?

Walmart does not double coupons.

5. What is overage and does Walmart allow it?

Overage is actually when an item exceeds the price of the product so you would have a negative balance. Walmart does allow overage with your coupons and will let you use that extra amount towards other items in your grocery budget.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you have a coupon for $1 off of BRAND Deodorant. You head to Walmart, and you find that BRAND deodorant for only $.97. You can still use that $1/1 coupon, but you will have 3 cents in overage.

$.97 – $1 coupon = $.03

You can then use that $.03 in overage towards other groceries in your basket. Now. 3 cents might not seem like much but we can often get

6. Don’t be overhwhelmed. We post matchups!

Each week we actually give you Walmart coupon matchups where we actually match coupons to the products at Walmart for you. You will find all the deals at Walmart listed here. You will also want to check out our coupon at Walmart post where we show you an actual shopping scenario so you can snag the best deals each week.

couponing at walmart - everything you need to know

What are your tips for making shopping at Walmart a smooth experience?




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