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September 15th, 2016
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Crock Pot Soup recipes for frugal families

crock pot soup recipesIs it fall yet? I am so ready! About a week ago, our weather turned cooler and we had a nice little teaser for the coming fall… and then it got hot again! I am ready for fall, ready for leggings and boots, ready for soups in the crock pot! Who’s with me?

I have compiled a list of some of my favorite crock pot soup recipes. Our family loves all of these recipes. I have had my crockpot for as long as I can remember.

Some are even healthy crock pot soup recipes.

If you are in the market for a new one, I love this Crockpot. It is not fancy, by any means, but it does the trick. If you are looking for something with a few more bells and whistles, you can try this crockpot or this one.


I also love to use these Crockpot Liners. Talk about not having to worry about clean up! Just put the bag in your crock pot and pour all of your ingredients in. When dinner is over, remove the bag and you’ll have a clean and shiny crockpot.


Here are some crock pot soup recipes that won’t bust your budget:


1. Crockpot Taco Chili is one of our favorites! I came up with this recipe on accident, but it has become a fall staple. All you need is a few cans of beans, tomatoes and some ground beef. Throw in a few seasonings and you are all set. This is so tasty, your family will want you to make it again and again.

white chicken taco chili 2

2. I have been making White Chicken Taco Chili for as long as I can remember. I am not sure if I like this recipe so much because it is so delicious or because I usually make quesadillas to eat with it (and I love those, too)!


3. Nothing says comfort like this Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup. I do like to make my own homemade noodles (my family usually requests this), but I have been known to throw in a bag of frozen noodles to make assembly a little quicker. It still tastes just as good.


4. If you are looking for a crock pot soup with a twist, try this Crockpot Stuffed Peppers soup. Think stuffed peppers meets soup meets easy and boom – you’ll have this recipe. My kids can be a little scared off by new ingredients, but once they tasted this soup they were hooked!


5. A couple of years ago, I came up with this recipe for Crockpot Italian Chicken Soup. This quickly became my comfort food that winter. It is a light, yet filling soup that I just can’t get enough of. Lucky for me, the rest of my family loves this soup, too. 😉


6. In the fall, I usually plan to make Crockpot Taco Rice Soup a few days after we eat tacos for dinner. I make extra taco meat and save some onions and rice. Then, when I am ready to make this soup, I literally just throw everything in the crock pot! It doesn’t get any easier than that.


7. Try this Crockpot Chicken tortilla Soup. It our family go to meal. We love it and the kids devour it. Serve with with chips, or cheese quesadills and your family will be full in no time.

crock pot creamy taco soup

8. When you want to have a rich tasting soup for dinner, give this Crockpot Creamy Taco Soup a try. This is similar to my taco soup, but I like to add cream cheese to the crockpot shortly before we eat. You will be amazed at the taste.


9. If you want a super easy, fool proof recipe, you are going to love this Taco Chicken Soup in the Crockpot. I throw white beans in with this soup (instead of kidney or black beans) and my kids love them. White beans tend to cook up a little softer. If your family doesn’t like beans, consider smashing them up before putting them in your soup. The kids will never know. 😉


10. Finally, I highly suggest you try this Delicious Ground Turkey Chili recipe. I know this isn’t exactly soup, but it just seems logical to round out this list with chili. This chili is probably similar to your chili recipe except I like to use ground turkey. With all of the hearty flavors you’ll find in this chili, your family will never know there is ground turkey in this.

crock pot soup recipes - facebook

Did you see some new soup recipes you are going to try? I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will turn to fall soon so I can start cooking up these tasty soups! You can try even more delicious crock pot recipes here.



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