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April 6th, 2011
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CVS Crash Course: Lesson 1 (Getting Started)

Here we are at the very first lesson for the online CVS Crash Course. I hope you enjoy it! Keep checking back for Lesson 2: All About the CVS Coupon Policy. By the time we are done with these “mini” lessons you will all be experts! (Warning: I hate being on camera, so I sound and act a bit awkward. Surely, I’ll get used to talking to the computer eventually. 🙂 In the meantime, you may giggle at me occasionally! )

(Go here to see the video if you cannot see it above)

More about the Green Bag Tag: You can purchase the Green Bag Tag at CVS. They are $.99 and located right next to the registers when you check out! Make sure you have the cashier scan it before you pay. Also, you can only use it once per day. If you went to two different CVS stores in one day and had them scan it at each trip, you will still only get credit for 1 scan.



  • Carle -

    Carrie, you didn’t say where you buy the green bag tag. Do you purchase it from CVS?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Carrie -

      Good point! I’ll add that to the post! You can buy them at CVS -they are located at the checkout -right next to the registers.

  • Tonda Kelly -

    Carrie thank you thank you thank you for doing these lessons!!!!!!!!!
    I have been trying to figure some of this out on my own and I have done an ok job so far but this will only make it much much easier!!!

  • Amy C -

    Can’t wait for the next one! I don’t have time to attend a class, this has made it A LOT easier! Thank You!

  • Anonymous -

    So glad you let me know how much my goal should be for the $5 per week, or $10 if you have to buy TP or something that will never be free. That helps a TON! Thanks!

  • Anonymous -

    I can’t wait to hear another lesson!! …Hopefully answering my question of how to use the $4 off $20 coupon or $5 off $25 coupon if we are only spending $5-$10 OOP. I know that probably means that you are using ECB and/or our manufacturer and store coupons to get the items cheap but still… Based on the deals I have seen I am thinking I still don’t understand it because the prices still seem a little too high.

    I have decided to stop wasting money at CVS until I finish and understand all the lessons because I have been spending too much. Thanks for helping us! I think I have almost mastered the grocery stores and now excited to do CVS. 🙂

    • natalie -

      CVS can be a bit tricky. I spent more than needed in the beginning so I could get a stock of ECB’s to use on future purchases. It is crucial to buy items that earn this extra reward each shopping trip. You are spending more on toothpaste, shampoo, etc. than you would at Wal-Mart, but the point is you get money back too. I have such a stock of household products that one week I had $4 ECB and could not find anything I wanted to buy. My 5 year old saw some Hot Wheel cars which were definately overpriced, but we walked out the store with them. I hope you catch on to drug store game. Walgreens is too picky with their Register Rewards program and how many coupons can be used. I use Walgreens only a little bit.

      I hope to better master the grocery store with couponing.

  • Tara -

    One question I would like answered is when I have a $10 ECB, do I have to spend the full $10, or will they “refund” me the portion I didn’t use in more ECBs? This past week we got $10 for spending $40…?

    • Natalie -

      You must use the full amount of the ECB, you cannot get a new ECB issued with the remaining balance not used on a transaction. If you have smaller ECB’s use those and pay just a little out of pocket if needed.

  • Cheryl -

    Thank you for taking the time to do these lessons, Amy…looking forward to your next lesson.

  • Cheryl -

    Oooops I meant Carrie. I had just read Amy’s post.

  • Erika -

    Thank you so much for this posting, I love the fact you did a video it increasing my understanding. I am new to couponing but I follow everything you say. I made my box and it has grown just in the last week. It is the best.

    You have really increased my understanding to CVS…I thought I read somewhere about getting a free bag from them but, I can’t find it. If you know anything about it please let me know. Thanks

  • Koty Holmes -

    OK this might be out of the question but i am trying to get into this couponing better than i am know. but exactly what is a Green Bag Tag?

  • Kim -

    Hello and thank you for all of the great informaion!! I am a foster parent to a little boy..2 months old. I often see on the shows showing the people who have stockpiles of items, tons of diapers. How in the world do they get those free diapers? I use alot of coupons and have been trying my best to work out a solution to no avail. Thank you:)

  • Gayla -


    Loved the first mini lesson for CVS. Thank you for doing all the hard work for us coupon addictors. Hope to see you tonight and meet you at the Alameda church of Christ. I’m the Soul Sister leader that emailed your regarding a class. Thanks again for doing our legwork….


  • The example that you gave about the tooth paste and the ECB. If I had some ECB already, could I use my ECB for that purchase and still get the ECB back for that purchase? Hope that makes since.

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