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April 14th, 2011
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CVS Crash Course: Lesson 2 Continued

We are continuing Lesson 2: More about Coupons!

(if you cannot see the video, click here to view it)

One day, I will get used to talking to myself – l just look “odd” in the video. Bare with me -you should still learn some great stuff! 😉 If you have missed out on previous lessons make sure you take a few minutes to view them:




  • Elma -

    I have one question. Can I use a coupon BOGO when CVS sale is B1Get1 50%?

    • Marty -

      Yes, she talked about this in the first “coupon” spot. : )

  • Thank you…….you answered my question for me that I posted on your previous video 🙂 Love the videos !

  • Megan -

    I learned a lot in that one! Thanks! – I learned that I cannot use a BOGO coupon with a coupon that says it is for 2 items. Also that rainchecks don’t expire! Woohoo!! 🙂 I have one for 1.99 cereal so then when I have a coupon come around again I will be able to get it cheaper. 🙂

  • Stacy -

    Carrie- you rock!!! Thank you for the video…cvs is getting less scary for me. Have great weekend and I look forward to next video.

  • Erika -

    Great information, I love this…..These videos work really great until I can get to your class. Thanks

  • Tara -

    I am learning a lot on these – thank you! Now I have a question. I just went to CVS, and handed him my $10 ECB money, but he took and did not scan. Since I was with my two children (3 and under, yuck)…I was distracted, and had to leave. Imagine that, I know ;-). So, can I get that money back by logging in online, or is there nothing I can do? Please help!

  • Matina -

    Carrie- thanks for taking the time to put these videos together- very helpful and in my opinion you have no need to be self conscious: you look great on camera! Thanks for going outside your comfort zone to help us out.

  • CassandraMarie -

    Two questions– do all the crazy BOGO secrets work in other stores as well (like vons!) or is CVS just special? And do you pay for rain checks the day you ask, or when you actually use it?

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