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April 27th, 2011
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CVS Crash Course: Lesson 4 (More Deals you need to Know about)

It is time for Lesson 4 in the CVS Crash Course: More Deals.  (If you missed the other lessons, go here to see them all). I hope these are helping. We only have a few lessons left! I know I am getting pretty detailed but I want to make sure that you go to CVS with the complete confidence! 🙂

Go here if you cannot see the video above.



  • Elma -

    How do I get the CVS coupon $4 off 20 ?! I signed online , but I ‘m not receiving anything…:(

  • Elma -

    Can u explain about the limit without ECB ? I’m confuse, can I buy more than the limit they said when they don’t have ECB?!Thanks!!! I’m sorry that I’m asking a thousand

  • Justina -

    I was wondering how you got the ECB on a rain check. I got a rain check and they said that I could not get ECB on it.

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