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June 12th, 2017
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10 Disney World Vacation Tips for Families

Check out these Disney World vacation tips for families. You will save time and money with these 10 tips making your Disney vacation a success.We have lots of great Disney World vacation tips for families. These tips will not only help you save money at Disney World but also your sanity!

Disney World vacation tips for families

Check out these Disney World vacation tips for families. You will save time and money with these 10 tips making your Disney vacation a success.

Many people are thinking about taking a family vacation and it’s the perfect time to check out these Disney World vacation tips for families. Whether you are leaving soon or just getting started planning, these Disney World vacation tips for families will help you save money and time.


1- Stay Organized 

I know this is a vacation but a trip to Disney World is something that requires constant organization. Your vacation will be much more enjoyable if you plan ahead and have an idea of what you hope to see and do. Otherwise, the week will have past and you you will wonder where did the time go! Also, many things you hoped to see or do may not happen for lack of planning.

2- Save on the small things so you can spend on the experiences that really matter.

Most families will have a bucket list of sorts they hope to accomplish at Disney World. Whether the list includes character meetings, dining experiences or getting a Princess makeover at the Bippity Boppity Boutique, it all adds up! Save money on the things that aren’t important to you so that you can spend money on the things you care most about! Why spend $3 or more on a drink inside Disney World when you can pack your own drinks? The kid’s won’t care as long as they get a drink. Multiple $3 per each family member times multiple drink stops a day at the parks and you have a very large savings! Take that and use it on something special!

3- Don’t expect to see and do everything.

There are plenty of stressed parents and children walking around Disney World because they “have” to do certain rides or meet certain characters. This is such a big expensive vacation that many parents feel the need to cram everything in this trip. The downside is the kids are  tired and it’s hot and well it’s just not fun rushing around. Everyone will have much more fun if you go into this vacation with the attitude that every ride and every character may not be experienced and that’s OK!

4- Utilize Fast Passes

Everything is so streamlined with smart phones and it really is a waste not to take advantage of  Fast Passes. This allows you to skip the line for select attractions, shows and character greetings.

You can reserve this 30 days in advance or if you are staying onsite Disney, you get a head start at 60 days in advance! This extra 30 days makes a HUGE difference when trying to snag POPULAR character meet and greets and rides! Planning ahead makes for a much greater selection!

5- Stay on Site Disney

Families with young children will really appreciate staying on Disney. You get free transportation to and from your hotel and the Disney Parks.

It’s so nice if you have children that want to take a nap but older children that still want to stay and play. One parent can easily  hop on the bus back to the hotel with the little ones while the older ones stay with the other parent. It’s much less of a hassle then finding your car and leaving and coming back again to get the rest of the family.

6- Pack Snacks and Meals for Inside the Parks

This is one of the top Disney World vacation tips for families. Save your money for a nice dinner or a Character Meal Experience and pack your lunch to eat on the go in the Parks. Most people don’t want a large meal as they are in between rides and children don’t want to wait in long food lines. Everyone will be much happier if you can just grab something quick out of your lunchbox or backpack.

7- Bring Dress Up Costumes from Home

Disney is such a magical place and your kids will see tons of other children walking around in costumes. Why spend tons of money in the parks for the exact same thing you can buy at Disney Store? Or if you are looking to spend even less, just stop at Target or shop on Amazon (several are on sale right now) before your trip.

If you do plan on doing character dining experiences, this is another time to pack those costumes to wear to dinner. You will save a TON!

8- Give your Children a Disney Gift Card

Grab them before the trip and hand them out to your kids. Target carries these and I believe Walmart does too.  Also, Sam’s Club and sometimes Costco will offer Disney gift cards for a small discount. Grab them before the trip and hand them out to your kids. Explain to them they have a budget and once it’s gone, it is gone!

Tip: Make sure you buy the ones for the Parks. Some of the gift cards are only for the Disney Store and that won’t help you inside the Parks 🙂

9- Don’t Buy the Park Hopper Passes

This is a fairly expensive add on option to your already expensive park tickets. In theory, it seems like a great idea to be able to bounce between multiple parks but in reality the kids will be tired. It is no fun when you are rushing around checking things off a to do list trying to run between multiple parks.

10- Have a Day of Rest or a “Free Day”

The resorts have so many cool things to do and activities for the kid’s. I like to have a day in the middle of the vacation where everyone gets to hang out at the pool and check out all the fun stuff to do. This “Free Day” really seems to leave everyone refreshed especially families with young children. Most people enjoy and appreciate the break from going to the Parks.

Whether you plan to stay on site Disney or make the drive, check out all the Disney World vacation tips for families first!

One of my favorite tips is bringing snacks and drinks with you. This saves time, money and meltdowns 🙂

Let us know which Disney World vacation tips for families you plan to try.


Check out these Disney World vacation tips for families. You will save time and money with these 10 tips making your Disney vacation a success.


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