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September 1st, 2011
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End of the Month Budget Check for August

August is over which means it is time to figure out how much you spent. Remember, Coupon Closet is all about you keeping money in your wallet, and holding yourself accountable is the best way to do that!

As most of you know, this month, I started using the Coupon Closet Coupon Savings Calculator. (You can use it too for FREE -Just check out this post.)

I have to tell you… I am loving it! It has really held me accountable to my shopping.  My monthly budget is about $250 a month. We only spent $204.79 this month, so we are doing great. However, I didn’t have my normal “big” sam’s shopping trip, so next month might be higher.  I took a screen shot of my personal spreadsheet so you could see.

The spreadsheet is really easy. Everytime I come home I toss my receipt on my computer. Then when I have the time (not that it takes more than a minute) I enter in the numbers in the spreadsheet. It does all the math for me!

According to the spreadsheet, I saved 49% from all my shopping. Now that number might seem odd to you, but that is because my last “Store” on the spread sheet is for all my non-coupon shopping which amounts to no savings. I looked though and I literally spent half of my grocery budget on produce and non-coupon items. I did save an average of 70% on my coupon shopping this month.

How did you do this month? Don’t be shy! Hold yourself accountable too, and post your totals by leaving a comment. Remember, your comment might inspire someone else!

Here is to a frugal and fabulous September! ;)




  • Chrisha -

    I can save the link, but can’t get it to open in excel. Any suggestions?? Thanks for all your help!! This will be a nice way to see how much I’m saving!!! Also, are you putting in way your reciept says that you should have spent and what you actually spent??

  • Melissa Galpin -

    I only saved 33%, (including everything!) but this is my first month of couponing, so I figure that is pretty good for us! Thanks Carrie.

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