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May 18th, 2011
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Facebook Rules…

It seems slightly silly that I have to have a post about “Facebook Rules”, but that time is finally here. Coupon Closet’s Facebook page was created to get you the best deals as quickly as possible. It has also become a support group for each of us to post our questions, our accomplishments, and our struggles. It is NOT for advertising and spamming.

Recently, I have had a problem with people putting links to spam on Coupon Closet’s Facebook page (I do realize that some people may not even know that the link is spam) . In addition, people have been advertising their businesses, products, or other sites too. As of now, I am not allowing links other than to Coupon Closet anymore on Facebook, in general (any advertising or links will be deleted). I hate to do this, but I work hard to not only find the best deals for you, but also create an online environment of families helping each other. I do not want want our Facebook page to be filled with advertisers or random links that I know nothing about. I try my best to double check deals to insure that they are legitimate sources for you, before I post them.

As always, please keep all comments positive and uplifting, especially to the new couponers who are trying to learn how to coupon correctly. ANY question is always welcome! We haven’t had any negative comment problems, but I just wanted to give another reminder that we want to maintain the positive atmosphere here at Coupon Closet. 🙂

I hope everyone understands and appreciates my efforts. So many blogs have had to close off their Facebook pages, to where people cannot leave posts. I definitely do not want to do that, but still want to insure that even our Facebook page remains a safe place to coupon. 🙂

I do allow advertisers on Coupon if you are interested; I do post giveaways for businesses for FREE (e-mail me here if interested). Also, if you have found a hot deal, please e-mail it to me here so I can verify it and post it for everyone to see.

Thank you!



  • krystal -

    I just want to say thank you! My husband and I have learned so much from your fb and blog, and I hope that we are able to give back to the community when we finally have a clue about what were doing!

  • Luba -

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I’ve saved so much money on groceries and have even convinced my brother to go shopping with me so that we can do two transactions at Homeland.

  • jessi -

    Thanks for having the rules!!


    I am one of the newbies and I so appreciate all that you do to help each and every one of us! I pray that people respect your page and discontinue posting things that they should not.

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