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April 3rd, 2012
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Financially Fabulous – April’s Focus: Stop Eating out!

I hope you are enjoying this 12 month long series. If you are just now joining us, don’t worry… you can head on over here to read the previous posts.

It is April, which means time for a new focus! This month, we are focusing on Eating out. Take a look at your bank account. How much money are you really spending on eating out? Then take a look at the quality of food you are buying… Are you spending a ridiculous amount of money on fast food?

Don’t stop eating out all together.

I do not want you to think that my family doesn’t eat… we actually eat out more often then you would probably think. I love to eat out, but my view on eating out is different. We don’t eat out anymore (or not very often) because of lack of preparation. We don’t run through the drive-thru because I didn’t plan, and didn’t get dinner prepared.

Eat out because you want to… not because you have to.

This month, we are going to change the way you think about eating out. I am going to give you challenges and tips to help you make wise choices… I don’t want you to eat out and run through the drive thru because of lack of preparation. I want you to eat out, because you want to… because you are having a family night out or a date night. Spend your money on things that you want to spend it on… don’t be a slave to the drive thru!

Here is this week’s challenge:

  1. Count how many times you spent money on eating out last week (include any dinners, lunches, and drive thru trips).
  2. Now that you see what you did last week, your goal this week is to beat it! If you ate out 4 times this week, make your goal this week to eat out 3 times or less. It really is that simple!

I don’t want you to discourage your against eating out. Instead, I want to encourage you to spend your hard earn money wisely.

Stay tuned for next week for your first tip and another challenge. Good luck!





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