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April 17th, 2012
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Financially Fabulous – Don’t Eat Out – It is time to Freezer cook!

If you are just now joining us on this year long series… don’t worry, you can see the previous posts here. 😉

Last week we talked about going out to eat, because you WANT to, not because you have to. We talked about making a choice on when you eat out and how you spend your money. This week we are going to prepare you for those evenings when you really want to run through the drive thru because you are too tired or too busy to cook.

I am talking about Freezer Cooking.

I am not talking about the massive freezer cooking sessions that you see people post about, or my freezer cooking session where I cooked 16 meals in just a few hours. I am talking about little ways to get your freezer ready for those evenings when you are too tired to cook.

First, I want you to head on over and read these three posts that I did late last year about freezer cooking:

These posts will explain how you can squeeze freezer cooking into your every day lives. Basically there are 2 main ways to freezer cook: Double your meals or freezing preparation food like chopped onions.

This week… Your challenge is to do 2 kinds of freezer cooking:

  1. I want you to double a meal you cook this week. If you make spaghetti, double it! Place the extras in the freezer for an easy meal next week.
  2. I want you to freeze some kind of preparation food. Let’s say you use onions a lot (we do here!). Go ahead and instead of chopping up a 1/2 onion at dinner, go ahead and chop up 3 or 4 onions. Place in the freezer and now your meals next week just got a little bit easier!

What are you going to make this week for your freezer?




  • shanda -

    I made your twice baked potatoes after Aldi’s had the 10lb bag on sale. They are great and easy. I froze mine on a cookie sheet before wrapping them individualy and then put them in a ziplock. Super easy to pull out 2 or 3 in cook them.

  • Laura -

    I am curious, is there a section on how to thaw out the different foods? Or is taking it out the night before and putting it in the fridge the way to do it? I am wondering if there are fast ways for busy days when I forget to plan dinner and want to grab a premade dinner from the freezer.

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