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March 12th, 2012
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Financially Fabulous: Get SERIOUS about Coupons! -Make it your Part-time Job

If you are just now joining us on the year long savings adventure, then make sure you read the previous posts here. Each month, we are talking about a new topic, a new challenge to become Financially Fabulous!

In March, we are focusing on Coupons! Yes, coupons! It time to tame the beast and get real about our coupons. After all, they save us a ton of money, so we need talk about them.

Is couponing your second job?

I save enough money each month by couponing, to be considered a part-time job. My family saves anywhere from $6oo to $800 a month by using coupons. Now… that is a nice job!

If you showed up late to work every week would you still have a job? Probably not. If you take “couponing” as serious as your job, then you would make sure your coupons were clipped and organized every Sunday, but are you doing that? Probably not. If you want to save as much money as a part-time job, then take your coupons as serious as you would as a part-time job. This week I want you to take it serious. Your goal this week is to catch up on your clipping. I know, I need to do it too.

Make couponing a priority in your life!

Then from now on… I want you to clip your coupons EVERY Sunday night. YES, every Sunday night. Make a commitment and stick with it. If you are using the box method to organize your coupons you should be able to clip them in under 20 minutes. I know you can come up with 20 minutes once a week to get them organized. 😉 Set the timer, and get it done. Do NOT go to bed until those coupons are clipped and organized. Your job depends on it!

Your challenge this week:

  1. Get caught up on all your coupons and get them all clipped and organized.
  2. Make sure your coupons and clipped and organized every Sunday night before you go to bed.

This week, we have a very easy challenge. Stay tuned for next week for another challenge to tame our coupons…





  • Sherrel Mercer-McGaha -

    I really want to very serious about couponing, but my problem is I recieve a SSD once a month. any ideas on how to still make this work for my family??

    Thank You


    • Carrie -

      Yes, you can still make it work. You just have to divide your money out into weekly amounts so you can shop all week.

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