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March 6th, 2012
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Financially Fabulous: Schedule your Financial meetings

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If you are just joining us on getting Financially Fabulous, then go here to read the previous posts. Last week we spent 7 days of checking our bank accounts. Everyday before we went to bed, we checked it. Did you learn anything? I did! We had something coming out of our bank account that I didn’t know about or didn’t notice so we quickly got that fixed. That was a $25 a month savings right there.

The point of that exercise was to get you to pay attention to your finances. For this entire year I want you to pay attention. Every time money leaves your hands pay attention. You worked hard for that money, so don’t just let it slip by.

This week I have an easy challenge for you. I want you to schedule your financial meetings. That is it. You have just a few things to do this week:

1. Decide how often you are going to meet.

Are you going to meet every month? Are you going to meet once a week? OR are you going to meet at every pay check? Sit down and decide this.

2. Decide what you are going to talk about at these financial meetings.

What are you going to talk about at these financial meetings? What are you going to budget? We set budgets at each financial meetings for grocery, eating out, and blow money. Then we set budgets for things we may need at that time -clothing, hair cuts, etc… It really depends on each budget meeting for my family. This week, I want you to decide what categories you are actually going to set budgets and those categories that you are not going to budget for. For example, we don’t set a budget for gas. I never have a problem of spending too much much money on fuel for my car, so I don’t consider that an area that I could really cut down on. Since it isn’t a concern, we don’t focus on that item.

3. Do it.

After you have picked the frequency of your meetings and what you will talk about at the financial meetings, I want you to actually do it. Start following through with your plans and set down and talk about your finances on a regular basis.

Next week we are going to talk about Coupons and how we are going to use them to become Financially Fabulous!



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