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March 16th, 2011
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FREE Coupon Classes Coming Up!

If you haven’t been to a Coupon Class, you are missing out! I promise, it is worth your time! It will make all the “LIGHTS” come on! Just ask anyone who has come to one of my classes. Not only do I teach you how to use your coupons properly and effectively to maximize your savings, I tell you all my “secrets” and my tricks to keep couponing simple and manageable. There are NO reasons to spend hours upon hours with coupons. I will tell you all that I have learned and everything that I have learned NOT to do.

My goal with the coupon classes is to not just help you save some money. Of course you will save ALOT money, but my goal is to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. So many people start couponing and quit within a few months. My goal is to teach you how to do this properly so that you can save money for the rest of your life!

Ok, off of my “soap box”! 🙂 Here are the next 2 coupon classes. These are completely free! Go here to see all the upcoming classes.


March 22nd: Emmaus Baptist Church, 6:30-8:30 PM
16001 S Western ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

April 6th – First United Methodist Church
400 Elm in Yukon

These are completely free, but we do ask that you please register online (you can do that here) so we can have a proper head count for the handouts.

If you have been to a coupon class, this is the perfect opportunity to tell your friends. Just click on the “F” button below and you can share on Facebook! You can also click on the button that looks like a letter and you can e-mail this post to a friend!



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  • D -

    Hi Carrie:
    I have attended your regular class and it was awesome. Great information and tips. I would like to attend a CVS class now, but was unable to go to the one you had last week. Will you be doing another CVS class any time soon?

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