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January 24th, 2013
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FREE Coupon Closet Coupon Savings Calculator!

I have been a bit behind on getting this posted but we now have a NEW Coupon Savings Calculator for 2013. That means that you can keep track of your shopping trips and stay on budget this year!


This is an excel document that you can use to help you stay on top of your budget each month.

My internet is down today so I am posting off of some really slow internet from my phone. When my fast internet is back up I will be able to upload a video for you on how to use this great tool. For those of you who have been here  a while, I am sure you already know how to use it. 😉

Download your Coupon Closet Savings Calculator here!



Check out all the coupons you can print here to help you save money.



  • mandy -

    I am having trouble getting this one to load. I can get the older one to work, but this one just pulls up a page with a bunch of characters on it

    • Carrie -

      What is it saying for you?

  • Jacqui -

    How can I add more tabs???

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