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January 2nd, 2012
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FREE Coupon Savings Calculator for 2012 (Stay on Budget!)

I have the official Coupon Savings Calculator updated for 2012! You can now keep track of your savings for FREE! For those of you that don’t know, a fellow reader, Kelley Redmond, created a coupon savings calculator just for Coupon Closet readers last year.

If you have been curious how you are doing on your grocery bill, you don’t have to anymore. You will now know! It is a very simple calculator which will allow you to enter your shopping trips from up to 4 stores. On the main page, it will automatically give you all your totals from your 4 stores so you will always know how you are doing on your budget. There is even a graph, to help you stay under budget!

Do you shop at more than 4 stores? Just leave the 4th store for your odds and ends stores. For example, I use my 4th store as my non-coupon store. When I run to Sams or Aldi I will include those trips as my 4th store.


Get Your FREE Calculator!

Here is a quick view of your new calculator!

Tomorrow I should have a video updated on how to use your new Coupon Savings Calculator. Enjoy!

*Note: When you save this to your computer, you may have to open it and tell it to open in Excel. For some reason I did have to do that when I tested it. Enjoy!

If you really want to save more money, make sure you read my tips in December’s series “4 Weeks to a Lower Grocery bill“. You can see them all here.



  • Keesha Doss -

    This is soooo handy! Thanks for all the hard work, ladies!

  • Kannika -

    It is so awesome !!!!! Thank you so much

  • thanks a bunch for this!!:) lookign forward to using it all year

  • Michele -

    I was playing around with numbers on this to see how it worked. It totals and tells the percentage on the left columns, but doesn’t put anything on the graph or the monthly totals on the right. Is it me? Or my computer?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Aimi -

    Hi! This such a fabulous gift to us! Thank you so much!! I was wondering if there is a version that is compatible with Mac or where I can find one. Thanks so much! 🙂

  • kari -

    i’m so excited to start keeping track. my husband always ask how i spend my money. now i can show him.

  • Shannon -

    I’m trying to save the old version for a friend. But the graphs are messed up. one store will be fine and the next graph is off page, only jan-sept. Even the totals page is not working

  • Mary Jane Fitzpatrick -

    Hi Carrie,
    Will there be a 2013 savings calculator?
    Thank you, Mary Jane Fitzpatrick

  • jackie gonzalez -

    i cant edit my spreadsheet its asking for a password please help… i tried saving it as something else differ excel program… original excel program… i tried removing protection… its asking for a password to unprotect the spreadsheet…. thanks

    • shufreda -

      Can someone provide the password so that we can update the spreadsheet with a yearly title?

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