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September 12th, 2012
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Frugal DIY – Turn a T-shirt into Art!

Since we are going to be moving into our new house soon (I hope!), we have been spending time together getting ready to decorate. Of course… I have to do it on a budget and get creative.

My oldest son (pictured) is having a Thunder room. Thunder decor can get expensive, so I have gotten creative. My husband was able to go to a play-off Thunder game where he got a free t-shirt. The shirt is too big for him, so I knew he would never wear it.

How could I repurpose it into his room?

I immediately knew I would be framing the shirt. I cut out the rectangle and bought a cheap frame poster frame (that I got on sale at Hobby Lobby). All I did was wrap the cardboard that came with the frame and taped the shirt in the back so it fit snuggly. Now we have another great addition to his Thunder room.

You could do this for any themed room… Princesses, Super Heros, Sooners, etc…

My Favorite part…

The best part was making it with my son – he loved how it used to be a shirt and now it is a picture to hang on his wall!

Do you have any tips on decorating on a dime? I would love to hear them and you just might be featured on Coupon Closet!



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