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August 6th, 2015
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Frugal DIY – Turn your Diaper Boxes into Lined Canvas Baskets

diaper box to lined basket

Are you ready for a super fun and easier then it looks DIY project? I don’t know about you, but I often have boxes laying around. Crazy, I know, but I use a variety of boxes for storage purposes. I even have a bunch of diaper boxes left over from when my kids were babies. I use them for storing clothes for next season. Well, I was perusing Pinterest and happened upon people turning cardboard boxes into cute fabric covered storage bins. Well, if its on Pinterest than it can be done, right? šŸ˜‰

lined basket

I dug out an old diaper box, found my biggest pieces of fabric scraps and got to work. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Although it does involve a little bit of sewing, don’t be scared off. Anyone can do it, I promise!

First, let’s cover the outside of our box.

box materials


1. Cut the flaps off of the top of the box with the X-acto knife.

box side measurement

2. MeasureĀ around the box – down one side, the bottom and up the other side. Do this for the length and the width. My box measured 39″ x 48″. Cut your fabric to match the size of your box.

3. Place your box in the center of your cut fabric. You can use your tape measure to make sure your box is centered.

box diagonal measurement

4. From one corner of the box, measure out diagonally to the corner of the fabric. Mark 2″ out from the corner of the box.

brown chalked corner 1

5. Mark a straight line from your pin to each edge of the fabric, making a rectangle (I used fabric chalk to make my lines). Cut out the rectangle. This is extra fabric you don’t need.

cut corner

6. You’ll need to snip 2″ of the fabric from your pin to the box. Do this for every corner.

brown cross shape

6. Repeat step 5 and 6 until you have 4 rectangles cut out. You should have what looks like a cross-shape.

one side glued

7. Shake your spray adhesive well and coat oneĀ longĀ side of the box. Bring upĀ the material and smooth it out with your hand, making sure it adheres well to the box. Glue the “tabs” around the corner of the box as shown above. Repeat with the other long side.

two sides glued

8. On the short sides, fold the ends in and glue down. Then, spray glue the side of the box and glue the flap to the box. Repeat with the other short side. Your box is now completely covered and ready for you to make the liner!

inside materials

Liner Materials:

1. You’ll first need to cut your fabric. To do this, first figure out how much you want the liner fabric to overhang your box. Since you can see that my outside fabric came up a little short (that was the biggest size scrap of fabric I had), I decided on a 5″ overhang. Depending on the size of your box, I think 3-4″ usually looks pretty good. Once you decide how much overhang you want, double that number and add that to the size of your outside fabric piece.

For instance, my outside fabric (brown) measured 39″ x 48″. Since I wanted a 5″ overhang, I cut my liner fabric 49″ x 58″. That gives me an extra 5″ on each of the 4 sides.

1 inch marked 1

2. Once you have your full piece of fabric cut, follow the same process as #3 & 4 for the outside of the box. Place your box in the center of the fabric and measure out from the corner of the box to the corner of the fabric. This time, mark the fabric at the 1″ mark (instead of the 2″ mark). I just use a straight pin to mark my spot.

liner marked square

3. Just as in step #5 (above), mark a straight line from your pin to each edge of the fabric, making a rectangle. I like to use a fabric chalk pencil to mark my fabric – its easy and the chalk just dusts right off. Cut out the rectangle. This is extra fabric you don’t need. Repeat with the other 3 corners. Do NOT clip the corner from the 1″ mark to the box (like you did from the 2″ mark with your other fabric).

label side one and two to sew

4. Once you have all 4 corners cut out, your liner fabric will resemble a cross. Now comes the sewing part. Trust me, even if you have never sewn before you can do it. I use a basic sewing machine (like this one) and it works great for all types of projects. Ready to sew? Let’s do it!

pinned sides to sew

5. You are going to fold side #2 on top of side #1, lining the edges up. Pin together. Notice that I am folding the right sides (the darker sides) of my fabric together. The wrong side of the fabric (the lighter side) is on the outside. Sew from the top (in the picture) to the bottom with a 1/2″ seam allowance (1/2″ from the pinned together edge). Sew together sides 3 & 4, sides 5 & 6 and sides 7 & 8 in the same way. When you are done you’ll have your liner.

hem edge

6. To finish off your liner, hem the top edge (the only edge not yet sewn). I just fold mine over (wrong sides together) about 1/2″ and stitch all the way around. This will give you a finished look and make sure your fabric doesn’t unravel. If you are worried about sewing a straight line, you can iron the edge down before you sew.

lined basket close up

There you have it – a diaper box turned into beautiful storage box! You can make these for kids or for yourself. I have a friend that has several in her closet and she keeps various sized sheets inside. Now I just have to decide what I am going to store in mine. šŸ™‚make a lined basket


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