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February 7th, 2017
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20 Items you can get for FREE with Coupons

There are lots of items you can get for FREE with coupons or very cheap. I’m going to share with you my top 20 list of items you should never pay for!

Stock up so that you will have enough until the next sale comes around. That way you will never be caught paying full price!

Here are 20 items you can get for free with coupons. Use our tips to get these items for free with coupons easily. Using coupons effectively.


20 Items you can get for free with coupons:

Never pay full price again on these items:

1. Mustard

Mustard is one item you can always score free or very cheap. Even if your store doesn’t double coupons, mustard is always very cheap with coupon. You can get this deal at your local grocery store as well as national stores such as Walmart.

2. Body Wash

Drug Stores are always running deals on body wash. Combine store offers (extra care bucks, register rewards etc) with manufacturer coupons to get body wash for free! Another plus, these are typically really nice brands of body wash.

3. Toothpaste

If you don’t get anything else free, please please get free toothpaste! You should never pay for toothpaste as drugstore are always giving this stuff away for free. Combine manufacturer coupons and store deals to get multiple tubes for free.

4. Toothbrushes

This is another item that is just like getting free toothpaste. Drugstores make it very simple to get free toothbrushes as well. They often run these sales the same week as toothpaste. Stock up and get it for free using coupons and store offers.

5. Fruit

Yes! You read that correct. You can get free produce. Each week rebates are released via Savings Star, Ibotta, Mobi, Checkout 51 and others to save on produce. Usually these offers are for individual pieces of fruit not by the weight. Plus, you can stack offers to get free items. Here is an example:

In the past, we have seen a $.25/1 Ibotta Rebate on bananas AND a $.10/1 banana via the Mobi App. Plus, a $.25 cash back offer via Checkkout 51. Stack these 3 offers to get free bananas!!!

If one banana is roughly $.50 each, after the 3 offers the final price is FREE plus a $.10 profit to use on more produce. Yeah!

Here are 20 items you can get for free with coupons. Use our tips to get these items for free with coupons easily. Using coupons effectively.

6. Vegetables

You can score free veggies. The principal is the same as scoring free produce. Each week rebates are released via Savings Star, Ibotta, Mobi, Checkout 51 and others to save on produce. Stack these offers to get free produce.

7. Antacids

We always see high value coupons for antacids such as Zantac. Also, we often see a rebate that can be stacked with the coupon. You can get these items for free or extremely cheap at Target, Walmart, CVS and other stores.

8. Disposable Razors

This is another item you don’t ever want to pay full price for.  We always see high value printable coupons for razors. Right now, there are multiples ones available to print. These coupons make the razors very inexpensive at Walmart. Or save the coupons for a deal that you can stack with at the drugstores and score the free! We always see ECB deals at CVS or Register Reward offers at Walgreens for razors. Stack with these high value coupons to get expensive razors for next to nothing.

9. Mouthwash

Just like toothpaste and toothbrushes, we can always get free or cheap mouthwash. This week at Walgreens, we can get 2 free bottles! This is very typical after coupons and store sales. When you stack these offers, you will never have to pay for mouthwash!


10. Floss

Often these are free simply by using a coupon. Other times, stack a store offer with manufacturer coupons to get them free. Don’t ever pay for floss!

11. Shampoo

There are lots of ways to get free or cheap shampoo. Target often runs gift card promotions on shampoo and you can score shampoo on the cheap by stacking coupons with the gift card promotion. Drugstores always run offers on shampoo. Stack store offers with coupons and get shampoo and conditioner for cheap.

12. Styling Products

I always get hair spray, gel and other styling products very cheap. The drugstores always run promotions on hair care and styling items are usually included. Stack drugstore offers with coupons to get really cheap and sometimes free hair spray and more. I have also found that Target runs gift card promotions on these type of items. I often can get styling products for a few cents.

13. Greeting Cards

CVS often runs offers on cards. Buy 3 and get $3 ECB’s back. You often can buy the $0.99 cards and score 3 free cards after ECB’s! You can also find rebates as well. I also have seen coupons at Walmart attached to the card aisle.

14. String Cheese Singles 

Target and Walmart sell String Cheese singles next to the packs of String Cheese. We see a lot of coupons for Frigo String Cheese and more. Often the coupons do not have size limitations and you can grab a single for free!

15. Pantyliners

Carefree and Stayfree liners are 2 brands we see a lot for free using coupons. You can get these for free all the time at Walmart using coupons. Or stack with store offers and manufacturer coupons

16. Candy or Gum

CVS runs a lot of ECB deals on packs of gum and candy bars. These take little to no work and often don’t even require a coupon. You get ECB’s back making the item totally free.

18. Travel Size Items

Some coupons don’t have a size restriction so you can get these items for free or cheap. These are great for vacation or to donate.

19. Deodorant

We see sales all the time for deodorant at drugstores. Stack store offers (ECB’s, Register Rewards etc) with coupons to get deodorant extremely cheap.

20. Candles or Warmers

We almost always can get free Airwick Warmers after coupon at Walmart and Target. There is no reason to every pay for these! If you like candles, we see a lot of sales on Glade. Target has gift card offers and CVS runs ECB promotions. You can get these candles for very little.


What are your favorite items to get for free? By saving on these common items, you can splurge on other items that are hard to get on sale or maybe something your family loves.

Here are 20 items you can get for free with coupons. Use our tips to get these items for free with coupons easily. Using coupons effectively.

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