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May 26th, 2011
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Getting Back on the Wagon: Part 1 -Start Fresh!

As promised from my previous post last week I am starting a short series called: “Getting Back on the Coupon Wagon”. I know many people become burned out with coupons, probably because they are doing it all wrong.  They begin this coupon adventure excited, running on a high. They go the store every day (or most days), to get that thrill of getting stuff for free. Don’t worry, I was guilty of this as well in the beginning. However, this is not how you can be a long-term couponer. You just simply cannot live on the coupon high. Couponing cannot become your life… it needs to be in your life. Eventually, you will have to learn how to incorporate couponing into your everyday lifestyle. Each week, I will give you a few steps to take, to get you back in the couponing game. Hopefully by the end of this series, you will feel motivated to become a life-long couponer like myself.

Step 1: Go to a Coupon Class Again

Even if you have already been to a class, go to another one. Does that seem silly and slightly redundant? Sure, you are going to hear alot of the same information, but I promise you, you will learn so much more. Now that you are not overwhelmed with what SS means or what “like coupons” mean, you will be able to focus on the information you missed out on the first time around. The people who have been to more than one class, are those who are the most successful with coupons. These people are those who will be couponing for a life-time. I am constantly changing and adding new information to my coupon classes, so you are guaranteed to leave with more great information. You can go here to see all the coupon classes coming up.

Step 2: Clean out Your Coupon Box

I am assuming you are using a coupon box. If not, I highly suggest, you switch. It is much more time efficient than the coupon binder. This week, take time to finally tackle those expired coupons. Clear out that box so you are ready for a fresh start. I too am guilty of not taking the time to sit down and clean out the expired coupons. It only takes me about 15 minutes, but I just hate doing it. This week, I want you to make the time. You will feel so much better once your box is nice and clean!

Step 3: Throw Away that Stack Coupon Inserts

What? I know that what I am saying to you might seem like coupon “sin”. Throw away coupons? How could I suggest such a thing? It is simple… Sure you are going to miss out on a few nice deals by tossing out those coupons, but isn’t that better than missing them all? If you are too overwhelmed to clip those coupon inserts and get caught up then you are probably not couponing at all. I say that it is better to miss a few deals, than to miss them all. Next time we get coupons, you will be ready to clip just that one week’s inserts and stay on top of it week to week instead of just adding those inserts to the pile on your kitchen counter. Go ahead… toss them into your recycle bin. It just might be refreshing! 🙂

Stay tuned for next week for the next steps…

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  • jessi -

    I like the advice throw the inserts away I have some I needed to cut, but I had my boys ( 8 & 9) do it, and didn’t even double check to make sure they did it right!! The 9 year old helps sorts and is getting real good at it so I am going to start giving them all allowance for cutting and sorting my coupons. I still have to file but that is no time if the do the pre-work for me.

  • Corinne -

    I’ve been having my kids clip for me for the past 6 months!

  • Leesa Ruzzene -

    coupon closet: I’ve tried to find a couponing class in the kansas city area but to no avail. I’ve tried to research online but no classes come up. I’ve asked around and again, nothing. Do you network with other states? I would be willing to travel up to an hour or so to go to a class if you have any contacts… Any help is appreciated. Also, through any contacts you may have can you tell me if there are any stores around me that triple coupons? I have Wal-Mart, Price Chopper, Apple Market and Sunfresh grocery stores in the KC area.

    Thank you!!

  • Tabitha -

    I can’t wait until MY kids are “good enough” to help clip LOL My 5 year old is getting there – she wants to help so I let her do the ones that I won’t use (and I know none of my friends will).

    Carrie, thanks for this reminder!!! My last month has been insane and I’m behind on EVERYTHING!

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