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March 16th, 2011
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Homeland Catalinas Explained

With all this Catalina Talk… it is about time I explain Catalinas at Homeland. To be honest, there are not very many Homeland Catalinas that I can get excited about, BUT sometimes (like this week) they are definitely worth understanding! First, look at the picture above. That is the pretty machine that you need to keep you eye one. Always, look at the machine before you leave to get your coupons and to see if any print. Your cashier may forget! 😉 Let me explain all about them…

Basically, a Catalina looks like the picture above: A piece of paper that prints with red on the top and bottom. This prints as you check out -sometimes not until the cashier pushes the total button.

First, let’s look at the blue circle area (the blue circle isn’t normally there -I added that to help you. 😉 ). This is very important to you! It tells you what the coupon is good for. This coupon is good for $2 off your next purchase! That is it -It is almost like Homeland cash. You don’t have to buy anything particular, so basically you can use this on your next purchase while shopping at Homeland. I simply would place this immediately in your transaction envelope so you don’t forget it the next time you shop (it does have an expiration date).


Ok, now let’s look at the green circled area. This is important because

  1. It tells you how you got that nice coupon in the first place and
  2. It tells you how you can get it again. 😉

This is what this Catalina says:

Buy any Refrigerated Jell-O snacks between 3/04/2011 and 3/27/2011-

  • Buy 2, and Get $1 off your next purchase
  • Buy 3, and Get $2 off your next purchase
  • Buy 4, and Get $3 off your next purchase

Alicia had bought a Jell-O Tempations, Jell-O pudding, and Jell-O gellatin from the refrigerated section, all in the same transaction. Since she bought 3 items, she got the $2 coupon shown above. If she would have only bought 2 items, she would have only gotten a coupon for $1. Remember, you have to buy ALL the items that it says in ONE transaction in order for the Catalina to print.

There are several different kind of catalinas:

  1. Dollar Amount Catalinas: These are like the one above. You get X amount of money off your next purchase (almost like Homeland cash)
  2. FREE Catalinas: These are like the FREE milk Catalinas that are printing this week. This catalina will give you a FREE item.
  3. Coupon Catalinas: Some catalinas will print as coupons. It is harder to tell when you will get these catalinas, but some can be nice. *An example: a few weeks ago, I bought a Starkist Tuna pouch. A Catalina then printed for $1 off of 2 Starkist Tuna pouches. The pouches were on sale for $.99. I went back, bought 2 more and used the new coupon. Then another $1/2 Catalina printed out.

You probably have a few questions now:

  • You might be wondering… “Can she go back, buy 3 more Jell-O items, use this Catalina, and still get another Catalina?” The answer is YES. This isn’t true for all places, but it is at Homeland. How great is that?
  • Another question you are probably wondering… “Is there a way to know what catalina’s are printing?” In my opinion… NO there isn’t. There are places online that tell you National Catalina deals, but that doesn’t mean that Homeland will be participating in them all. The best way for all of us to know is to e-mail me. If you get any kind of catalina and e-mail me about it -I will post it for everyone else to know.

Did all of that make sense? Have I helped you understand the wonderful world of Homeland Catalinas?

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  • Jen -

    Do you have to buy them all in the same transaction? I’m so used to CVS tracking everything! I’m guessing the answer is yes but i thought I’d ask.

    • Carrie -

      Yes, you do have to buy them all in one transaction. I’ll add that!

  • Megan -

    But the cool thing is this week Jello Temptations are free with a 1$/1 coupon on the coupon database because homeland has them on sale for 2.00$

  • Jennifer -

    I’ve always wondered if there is a way to find out which catalina’s are printing. Thanks!

  • Connie Weeks -

    I got one of those yesterday too!!!

  • michelle -

    thank you for the extra information Carrie!!!!

  • Sabrina -

    Can you stack Homeland Catalinas with manufactures coupons?? I had a cashier tell me no the other day when I tried (she didn’t scan it), but I’ve handed over some before and they scanned through so I assumed you could stack them. What’s the REAL policy? Can or Cannot stack them?

    • jessi -

      I would like to know if you can stack them too?

  • Emily -

    I got the $1 catalina and said “woo hoo! Catalinas!” The cashier said “Here, have this.” And handed me the free milk catalina that someone else had left. Then I used the $1 catalina on a second transaction and it doubled!!! THEN I got a second $1 catalina. I’m loving this!

  • Treena Ross Akers -

    Do all Homelands print Catalina’s? I am sorta new to all this but I know that I am not given the Catalinas most of the time. I just recently noticed them printing off and I didn’t think to ask for them. I don’t the cashiers understand them really.

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