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February 23rd, 2011
This post may contain affiliate links, see my disclosure

Homeland Deals: 2/23-3/1

Can you believe that February is almost over?? Crazy huh? I am doing this deals late because I never got an ad. So… let me know if I made a mistake or if a link isn’t valid anymore. Plus, let me know if you find any other hot deals! Make sure you let me know if you find any great unadvertised deals. Happy shopping!

Anyway… Here are the matchups

Don’t forget your meat coupons before you head to the store!


El Monterey Buritos, $2.50
Use $1/1 El Monterey Mexican Snacks 1/30/2011 SS = $.50
(Double check the coupon to make sure it matches)

Campbell’s select soups, $1
Use $0.40/3 Campbell’s Condensed Soup 1/2/2011 SS = $2.80 for 3 (ouch!)

Tony’s Pizza, $1
Use $1/2 Tony’s Original Crust Pizza 2/13/2011 SS = 2 for free
Use $1/2 Tony’s Pizzas = 2 for free
Use $0.50/2 Tony’s Pizza 2/13/2011 SS = $.50 each wyb 2

Michelina’s Frozen Products, $1
Use $1/5 Michelina’s Traditional or Authentico Product = $3 for 5
Use $1/5 Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Product = $3 for 5

Best Choice Shredded Cheese, $1.50

Bar S Franks, $1
Use $1/2 Bar-S Franks or Bologna 1/30/2011 RP = 2 for free!

Land O’Frost   Deli Lunchmeats, $2.50
Use $1/1 Land O’Frost Product = $.50

Hormel Pork Sausage, $2.50
Use $1/1 Hormel Product= $.50

Country Crock Sides, $3.49
Use $1/2 Hormel Country Crock Side Dishes 2/13/2011 SS = $2.49 each wyb 2 (OUCH!)

Yo Plus Yogurt, $1
Use $1/1 Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt = FREE
Use $0.50/1 Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt = FREE
Use $0.50/1 Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt 1/2/2011 GM = FREE
Use $1/1 Yoplait YoPlus Yogurt= FREE

Best Choice Medium Eggs, $1
Use $0.55/2 Eggs= $.45 each wyb 2
Use $0.55/2 Eggs = $.45 each wyb 2

Totino’s Pizza Rolls, $1
Use $.40/2 1/30 SS = $.60 each wyb 2

Coffee Mate Powdered Creamer, $2.50
Use $1/1 Coffee-Mate Liquid or Powder = $.50

Mt Olive Dill pickles or Sweet Relish, $1.50
Use $0.50/1 M. Olive Pickles, Peppers or Relish 1/30/2011 SS = $.50

Crest Toothpaste, $1.79
Use $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste 1/16/2011 SS Insert (exp 2/28/2011) = $.29

Old Spice Deodorant, $1.99
Use $1/2 Old Spice Product 1/30/2011 PG Insert (exp 2/28/2011) = $.99 each wyb 2 (high for me, but if you need it -good price)
There are also some $1/1 coupon in the P&G booklet if you have gotten yours in the mail (I haven’t yet!) = FREE (thanks Danielle!)

Hormel Chili, $1.25
Use $0.55/2 Hormel Chili = $.70 each wyb 2
Use $1/3 Hormel Products Shown 2/13/2011 SS = $.58 each wyb 2

Carnation Evaporate Milk, $1
Use $0.50/2 Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk = $.50 each wyb 2

Pringles, $1.50
Use $1/2 Pringles Fat Free Product 1/30/2011 PG = $.50 each 2yb 2

V8 V-Fusion, $2.50
Use $1/1 V8 V-Fusion Tea Beverage (if included. It was last time!)= $.50

Ocean Spray, $1.50
Use $1/2 from Lifestyles flyer (if included) = $.50 each wyb 2

If you are new to the site, you might want to read up on how to print a shopping list. Printing your shopping list is important to make sure you buy the right items. Plus you might want to read up on understanding all the coupon lingo. Happy Shopping!



  • Joy M -

    I think your Campbell’s soup should be $2.20 for 3. Thanks for all your work.

    • Lindy -

      Is this still a good buy for $2.20 on Campbell’s soup because I have coupons that are fixing to expire on 2/28/2011. I kinda need to use them will you let me know please?

      • Carrie -

        That is way to high for me, but if you need them, then I would by 3. We have gotten better before.

  • Rachel M. -

    And the Hormel chili should be $.58 wyb 3. I hate picking out mistakes bc you do such a wonderful job and have saved my money so much money the last month..especially with your Homeland match-ups! You have got to me tired : )~

    • Carrie -

      I did this from midnight until 12:45AM. I was doomed to make a mistake or 5! HAHA! Atleast they got up. :)Thanks for the help!

  • Amber -

    Hunt’s pasta sauce is $1 this week and there is a $.45 coupon available right now making it a mere .10!

    • Sarah -

      Where did you find the Hunts coupon?

  • charla -

    here’s the Hunt’s coupon:

    • Phyllis -

      thank you for the link, Charla!!!

    • Jen -

      Thanks Charla!

  • Leanne -

    Just got back and got the following for less than $15:

    – 2 Ocean Spray juice – the coupon is ONLY for the Fruit and Veggie kind, which is NOT on sale, but the HL I shop at had the Tropical flavor at 50% off (unadvertised, one of those paper blue tags), for 2.11.
    – 2 V8 Fusion w/ Tea – YES, the tea kind is included in the sale
    – 2 Land O/Frost sliced deli meats
    – 2 cans Pringles (1/2 coupon)
    – 1 package of Mission Flour tortilla’s
    – YoPlait Kids yoghurt (staple in our home)
    – 2 YoPlait Plus – the coupon is a DND and my HL would not double it, but $1 for a package is still a good deal for us.
    – 2 Nature Valley Organic Milk (has become a staple :)) – there were in-store flyers, 1/1 DND.

    The YoPlait Plus and Nature Valley Milk alone accounted for half of the $15.

    Have fun! I’m going back later this week 🙂

  • Leanne -

    Hmm… I just realized I used the Ocean Spray coupon for ONE bottle (did 2 transactions for 2 total), but you mention it was $1/2? (It might very well be, I didn;t read the coupon?) It went through though.

  • Jen -

    Jolly Time popcorn is 4/$ (1.25 each) and there is a $0.50/1 coupon. Sweet! Perfect snack for work!

  • Mary -

    The coffee-mate coupon wouldn’t work for me 🙁
    It said No Campaign Available or something like that.
    Anyone else have the same problem?

    • Chenea -

      On the top of the coffee mate page, click on offers. That should bring you up to 2 different coupons – $1/1 and $0.75/1. Good luck!

  • Joy M -

    They have Keebler Fudge Shop cookies for $2 and I know I have a $2/2, making them $1 each. These are my husbands favorite cookies. I wish I could remember where I got the coupon; I have checked, Target, and Keebler. I know I found it just last week.

    I believe I also have coupons for the Country Crock sides that are on sale, and there is a Fast Fixin coupon in the new “All You” magazine, and those are on sale $2.49/lb for chicken nuggets.

    • Joy M -

      Oops, my Keebler coupon is $1/2 but I believe it will double.

  • Allison -

    The P&G coupon book also has a 1/1 off crest size 4.0oz and larger making the crest free and a 1/2 pringles.

    I’m not sure which papers they are from, (I haven’t been doing this long so they must be within the last 2 months) but I have 1/1 country crock side dish and .40/2 campbells condensed soups.

    Does anyone know if the campbells cooking soups are included in the sell? I have a 1/4 coupon for those from that would make them .50 each.

    And I have a question: Can I use 2 different coupons for the same items in one transaction? For example I have one .75/1 crest and one 1/1 crest so if I buy two crest toothpastes can I use both coupons and they will both double? Or do I need to do two different transactions? Thank you for all your hardwork!!

    • Kerry K -

      Allison, yes you can use 2 different coupons. Only same ones will not double.

  • cindy -

    My homeland had secret deodarant on sale for 1.99. I had a $1 coupon from the P&G booklet.

  • Rachel M. -

    I printed several of the Red River Ranch coupons and my Homeland has consistently been doubling my coupon…. I was able to get a steak for $1.80 and a 2lbs of hamburger meat for about $2! (it was already lowered bc of the use by date…. I just stuck it in the freezer for later use)

  • Rachel M. -

    OH! and the Philadelphia cooking cream was on sale for $2.19….there was a printable $1.50 coupon about 2 weeks ago… made it only $.69 Now I just need to see if I like it or not : )

  • DBW -

    I found several great clearance deals at the Homeland at 24th and Robinson in Norman. There were a ton of these in the bins by the eggs!
    Caress Body Wash – $2. I had a coupon for .75/1 = .50!
    Secret Deodorant – $2. Free with $1 coupon
    Venus Razors – $2 (regular $10) I didn’t have a coupon, but still seemed like a good price!

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