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August 15th, 2012
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Homeland is now Digital – You can put coupons on your card!!

I went to the Homeland stores website and saw this banner!! I just giggled with excitement… seriously I did. It looks like they are going digital.

I don’t know all the details (I just posted on their facebook page, asking all about it), but I wanted to give you all a heads up.


As soon as I know more information (like do you have to get a new card, will htey all double, is it manufacturer and store coupons, etc…) I will be doing a post.

Can I get a Wooh-hoo?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the meantime, make sure you head to Homeland to snag some of the awesome deals – find them all here.



  • Joy -

    WOOHOO!!! YAY!! FINALLY!! So Excited!!

  • Ereca -

    We got the new card a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I was already headed to the car with the kids while the cashier asked my husband if he wanted a new card and told him about it. I didn’t get much details but from what I heard u can save money on gas… Not sure the specifics tho. Eager to learn more. <3 homeland

  • Jami -

    Yahooooooooo!! That has amazing potential!!!

  • Susan -

    Woo Hoo!

  • BMiz -


  • Ali -

    Finally! Thank you homeland! I hope this cuts down on coupon fraud.

  • Natasha R -

    Awe sookie sookie now! That is totally awesome, just one more way to help us save money without any hassle.

  • heidi -

    I was told September 1 we will get ours has anyone heard about Walgreens?

  • Karly Meadows -

    whoo hoo!!!

  • PS -

    I have so many questions about the digital coupons. I just logged in to my homeland account and loaded a few “digital coupons”. From what I have read, these will double. Then, there is a section labeled “store coupons”. Are these really store coupons that attach to our cards? These don’t say “add to card”, they say “add to list”. Do they stack like paper store and manufacturer coupons? For instance, there is currently a $.50 digital coupon and a $.50 store coupon for Chex mix. If I load both of these, do I get $1.50 off Chex mix?

    While it would be nice to save paper and time by using digital coupons, I’m not quite sure how to keep up with what is loaded on the card and how to plan shopping trips. This is a whole new world!

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