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October 16th, 2012
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Homeland Metro Weekly Deals: October 17 – October 23, 2012

Remember, the sale does not start until Wednesday. Homeland will only double your first like coupon. There are some VERY nice deals this week. Here are the best deals I see this week:



Let me know if you find anymore deals this week.

Learn more on how to shop Homeland:

Happy Shopping!



  • jamie nelson -

    On the buy 10 save $5.00 is that buy 10$ or buy 10 items? Say i buy 10 cans of the red gold tomatoes and get $5.00 off then i use two $.75/3 i would pay $.25 for 10 cans. is this correct.

    • Carrie -

      Sorry – it is buy 10 items.

  • Bev Pearman -

    Can you tell me about the Homeland Care Booklet? Can I get one?
    Thanks so much for all the great tips!

  • shanda -

    Bridge Creek cheer was selling them last week, I will find out if they still are.

  • Gg -

    Jamie,you are right on 10 items sale.

  • Sharon -

    Red gold ketchup is included and I think the tomato juice also.

  • Pamela -

    When I click on the link to the Red Gold site, it takes me to a page with “special offers” like a meal planner, but no coupons. Don’t seem to be able to find the actual coupons. Any ideas to help? Love my canned tomatoes!!! Thanks for all your work Carrie and crew.

  • Tonda Kelly -

    Carrie I have a coupon for Promised land milk 65/1 (quart or half gallon) should be able to use on the promise land milk 32 oz. $1.99 making it 69 cents. My coupon expires 10/31/12 .
    I have a coupon 50/1 jolly time microwave pop corn. which is on sale for 2 for $3. Making popcorn 50 cents each. MY coupon expires 10/31/12.

  • Beckie -

    on under zip code 33033 there is a coupon for $1/2 red gold tomatoes. It says to redeem at Publix, but doesn’t say ONLY at, figured you could use it at Homeland and get an even better deal.

  • AC -

    how can I get the 75 cents off landolake egg coupon? after doing the uploading pic thing, nothing shows up. am I the only one who is having this problem???

    • maranda -

      I can’t get it to work either!

  • April C. -

    Does homeland take the competitor coupons (example the rague $1/2 at Walgreens will that work at homeland)?

  • Aimee -

    On Homeland’s Facebook page, someone recently asked about coupons stating “Redeem at (Publix, Walmart, etc.).” The admin said Homeland’s policy is not to accept them because they are not reimbursed for them. My local Homeland (SW 104th and Penn) even has notices with copies of such coupons (like the recent Red Gold tomatoes $1/2 redeem at Publix coupon) saying they will not accept these.

  • Asha -

    I have a coupon for Williams Original Chili Seasoning 0.75/2 packages. Expire 12/31/12 Makes the total 0.14 wyb 2

  • Sharon -

    Wednesday’s Oklahoman paper has a coupon for $1 off a 20 pack dr. pepper. It was in the 1st section of the paper a few pages in. This will make them $3.99 per 20 pack. (Homeland doesn’t double soda coupons.)

  • erica -

    why can i never pull coupons off the red gold tomatoes website? Its probably been a year now and it will never give me any under special offers.

    • Carrie -

      I am not sure – have you registered with them?

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