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Homeland Grocery Store Coupon Matchups

Homeland Grocery Store Deals

Homeland grocery store is probably my favorite store to shop right now. They double coupons up to $1 every single day. Make sure you check out all my Homeland Grocery store pages to fully understand how to shop your local Homeland Grocery store and to snag all the best deals.

Print the best printable coupons to help save the most at the Homeland Grocery store.

Homeland 101

Homeland is a local store in Oklahoma. I believe there is just one left in Kansas. Homeland is one of my favorite stores to shop with my coupons. Why? Because they double up to $1 every single day. This post will hopefully help you truly understand everything you want to know about Homeland.

First, Get a Homeland One Card

The very first thing, you need to do is get a Homeland One Card (looks like the one in the picture above). You can do this very easily when you check out at Homeland. Just ask your cashier before checking out that you want to sign up.

This is a completely free store loyalty card. It is NOT a credit card. Basically it just gets you the sale prices at the store. Plus, there are often times when you will receive coupons in the mail, or be entered to win prizes, because you have a loyalty card. If your card is really old. I suggest you get a new one to make sure that your address is correct.

I forgot my card. What do I do?

You can actually give your cashier your phone number and the computer will find your card for you. How great is that?

Print Homeland’s Coupon Policy

I tell everyone (even in my free coupon classes) that you need to print your store’s coupon policy and place it in your coupon organizer. I even highlight areas in the policy that I think I will need. That way, if you need to refer back to it, you will have it handy. You can print Homeland’s Coupon Policy here.

When do the sales start?

Homeland’s sales ad runs from Wednesday to Tuesday each week. I post the Homeland Weekly Deals every Tuesday, so that you are ready when the sales starts on Wednesday.  You can see the Coupon Closet Homeland deals here.

Homeland doubles coupons up to $1 every single day.

You can go Sunday through Saturday (any day and time) and they will double your coupon. Here are some examples:

If you use a $.50 off coupon, it will double up to $1.

If you use a $.75 off coupon, it will double up to $1.50.

If you use a $1 off coupon, it will double up to $2!! (Yes, $2)

If you use a $1.25 off coupon, it will stay $1.25.

I say that the coupons will double “up to” an amount, because Homeland does not give overage. Here is an example:

Let’s say you have a product that is $1.50. You are so excited because you have a coupon for $1 off that product.

According to Homeland’s coupon policy, it will double up to $2. However, it also states that they will not allow overage. That means, that the coupon will double to $1.50 (the price of that item).

In this situation, your cashier should give you the full $1.50 off that item, which means you will snag that product for FREE! 🙂 Some cashiers don’t really understand this, which is why you should always have yourHomeland coupon policy with you.

Homeland will only Double one “like” coupon per day.

Homeland will only allow one “like” coupon to double per day per family. What does “like” actually mean? That means that if you have 2 coupons that are the exact same, only the first one will double. Let use this example:

Brownie mix is on sale for $1 at Homeland. You have 2 $.50 off coupons that you want to use to get the brownie mix for free.

You can buy 2 brownie mix = $2
Use 2 of the $.50 off 1 brownie mix coupon (the first one will double to $1, but the second will stay just $.50)
That means instead of getting 2 boxes for free, you will have to pay $.50 for the second box.

So… How do you get them both for free?

It is simple, go on 2 days. If you go to Homeland twice that week, and use a $.50 off brownies coupon each time, then they will both double (meaning 2 free boxes of brownies)

I have a $1/2 Frosted Flakes and a $1/2 Special K. Will they double?

This gets confusing to alot of people. Since they are both for Kellogg’s products you would think they are “like” coupons, but they are actually for different products. Since they are different kinds of cereal, they will both double.

I have a $.50/1 Minute Rice coupon and a $1/2 Minute rice coupon. Can I use them in the same shopping trip?

Yes. Will they both double? YES! These are actually different coupons, so they will both double. You will need to purchase 3 boxes of minute rice in order to use both coupons, because each coupon must be satisfied by the product in your shopping cart.

Stay Away from coupons that say “Do Not Double”

Homeland does not double coupons that say “do not double”. Make sure to double check those coupons, because those three little words can ruin a “good deal”. I always try to avoid those coupons if at all possible.

Homeland allows Stacking.

Stacking is very simple. Basically Homeland will allow you to use one manufacturer coupon and one Homeland store coupon per item purchased (as long as they do not exceed the price of the product). If the coupon says “manufacturer” on it, then it is a manufacturer coupon. You can find Homeland coupons on their website here. You will also find them in their Homeland Weekly sales ad (these are located as you enter the store).

One more thing about Homeland Coupons:

Homeland will only allow one “like” store coupon per purchase. Homeland store coupons do not double, but they will still only allow you to use one “like” store coupon per shopping trip.

Isn’t Homeland to Expensive?

To the average person, Homeland might seem like an expensive store. I used to think so too, but when you combine sales, and doubled coupons Homeland is by far one of the best places to shop. We can get alot of nice deals at other stores, but we can get the majority of our coupon shopping done at Homeland. My motto is “Do not buy it, unless it is on sale and you have a coupon”.

Learn how to PRINT Homeland Store Coupons.

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Hopefully, this will help you better understand Homeland. Please leave a comment if you have any questions. That way I can add to the post. 



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