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February 7th, 2016
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Homemade Carpet Cleaner – only 2 ingredients

2 ingredient homemade carpet cleaner

Oh man… with a house full of kids here we are bound to get carpet stains. If you look my carpet you will see that we picked out a multi colored one because it hides stains the best. πŸ™‚ However, we still get stains and dark spots that drive me crazy. Today I thought I would share our homemade carpet cleaner. This homemade carpet stain remover does a great job at getting the stains out. You hardly need to work on it at all.

2 ingredients homemade carpet cleaner


Just 2 ingredients for this homemade carpet cleaner!

  • vinegar
  • hydrogen peroxide

I’m sure you probably already have both of these. We keep both of these on hand at all time in our house.

homemade carpet cleaner square

How to make homemade carpet stain remover:

1. Just mix equal parts of Vinegar and Hydrogen peroxide inΒ  a bowl. Use immediately.

before picture - homemade carpet stain remover

2. Pour the homemade carpet cleaner on the stain. Take a clean towel or rag and blot the stain. You will see the stain remover almost immediately.

homemade carpet cleaner all gone

This stuff really does work amazing. The stains are gone almost instantly. We have used this on dirt, some dark juice, and this mysterious stain. It works all the time. Allow it to dry completely and then vacuum and you have stain-free carpets again. πŸ™‚

best homemade carpet cleaner - Facebook image

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homemade carpet cleaner easy to make at home



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