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February 15th, 2016
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How to Clean Stainless Steel

the best way to clean stainless steelWhen we built our house we decided to get stainless steel. With 4 children, we thought our life would be easier since stainless would be so easy to keep clean. Boy, were we wrong. Stainless looks beautiful, but only when it is perfectly shiny. However, cleaning stainless steel is pretty much impossible. No matter what you do you will be left with streaky, splotchy, and ugly stainless steel. You will not have that beautiful shiny stuff that you fell in love with when you decided to spend the extra money on those beautiful appliances.

How to Clean Stainless Steel:

the easiest way to clean stainless steel

You only need 2 items to keep your stainless steel looking new: a microfiber cloth and Old English.


I bought my microfiber cloth at Dollar Tree for just $1, but you can also purchase them on Amazon for a great price too.  You can find Old English almost anywhere including Walmart, Target, and even on Amazon.

how to remove streaks and fingerprints from stainless steelIf your appliances are really messy with crusty stuff on it, then scrub them off first with water. Dry completely. Then you can clean your stainless steel. Pour a small amount of old English on your microfiber cloth. Then start rubbing the old English on the stainless in circular motions. Do this completely over the entire surface. You don’t want the Old English to drip. If it is doing that, then you are applying too much. You will not need much cleaner at all.

In a matter of a few minutes your stainless will look amazing!

how to clean stainless steel with Old english cleanerSeriously… it looks great!

no fingerprints or streaks on stainless steel

The Old English is actually really good for the stainless steel. Not only does it safely clean your stainless steel, but it also helps prevent more fingerprints and streaking. Woohoo!

It takes me less than 10 minutes to clean all of our appliances, so there really are no excuses. I try to clean my appliances once a week or every other week and they look great most of the time. 😉

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  • Dayna -

    What type of Old English Oil do you use? I had a couple on hand and tried those. One was a spray and it worked okay. Then I had a scratch repair and tried that. It eliminated more of the smudges and light oily looking areas, but I had to basically buff it off since it has brown stain color. Loved this idea and it looks great! Just wondering if I need to buy a different oil to effectively clean my appliances though. Thanks!

    • Carrie -

      I used regular Old English and a microfiber cloth.

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