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February 6th, 2016
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How to Clean Stove Top with one easy step!

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How to Clean Stove Top

Anyone else go crazy with that “gunk” that you can never get off of your stove top. It doesn’t matter if you wipe it down after EVERY meal you will still find that “gunk” that magically collects on your stove top. No matter how much scrubbing I did, I could not get them off. I even tried several fancy stainless steel cleaners and it still didn’t work.

However, my friend, Kasey, tried something new and it worked great – almost like a miracle. 😉 Make sure you check out all our House cleaning tips and tricks. 

She used….. magic erasers! Yep, I tried a magic eraser (that I got for cheap with my coupon of course) and it worked great. Just check out the pictures for yourself.


how to clean magic eraser before

how to clean stove top - after picture
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Now, I know it isn’t perfect, but I literally spent less than 5 minutes cleaning it. Seriously… less than 5 minutes! I just used my magic eraser, some water and scrubbed. It immediately just started coming off. I then used one of my microfiber cloth to dry it off. DONE!~ Now,I’ll probably go back and get the rest of it off on the weekend, but I had to get the kids to school.

If you are wanting some magic erasers, check Amazon. They often have them on sale, and they even have “off brand” ones that work just as good.

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