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November 4th, 2015
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How to organize your coupons with a Coupon Box… (Plus get $10 off!)

how to organize with a coupon boxAfter all the buzz on my facebook page about how I fell of the couponing wagon and how I am going to get back on it, I thought I would give you a nice discount on my coupon boxes. For those of you wanting to get back on the couponing wagon, then the coupon box is the perfect way to stay on top of your coupons without getting overwhelmed.

I organize my coupons with a coupon box. Not only is it much quicker, but you will find that you are more organized when you use a box.Β  Although, the binder method as worked wonders for many people, the Coupon box is my best friend. People all over are switching to the “box method” mainly just to save time with organizing.

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Now, that I have become a box “expert” (haha!), we now have professional envelopes made. If you are interested in purchasing box, go here to get yours now. πŸ™‚ Use the coupon code GET10 to save $10 off the Deluxe box. The problem I found with making your own box (even after laminating) is it won’t last long. These new envelopes will last alot longer – in fact mine have had lasted over 3 years now

Clipping and organizing your coupons is by far the most important aspect to saving money on your groceries. If you are are not keeping your coupons organized then you are not going to be able to snag those nice deals.

You probably do not have hours each week to clip your coupons.

If you are like me, then you just don’t simply have an extra hour or two to get those coupons clipped. In fact, you can probably barely find a spare 30 minutes each week. I use a coupon box to keep my coupons clipped and ready to snag those deals.


Watch the video below to learn how I organize my coupons so quickly:

If you cannot see the vide0, click here to view it.

Where do you get your very own coupon box?

Head on over here to purchase your very own coupon box! Hurry! Right now each coupon box comes with a FREE booklet of coupons, plus you can get $10 off when you use the coupon code GET10 at checkout! Go here to get yours.

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Stay tuned for more helpful posts on how I plan on getting back on the couponing wagon.



  • Amy Halverson -

    Love the video!! Very informative and professional!! πŸ™‚

    • Carrie -

      Thanks! I hope that helps anyone wanting to switch to the wonderful world of the coupon box. πŸ™‚

  • Michelle Montgomery -

    I think you did a great job Carrie! Very informative.

  • Leaha -

    LOVED IT!!!

  • ginger -

    You did great..I haven’t switched yet that binder took me so long to make I hate switching to another one..but the binder is getting old folding those coupons. It looks like you laminate the index cards too right?

    • Carrie -

      Ginger, I hated switching too, but I am SO happy I did. It saves a TON of time with organizing. Have you watched my video blog on my box yet? I laminated the index cards and envelopes together.

  • robin -

    I made the switch, I was so sick of filling so thanks for the AWESOME vlog!!!

  • Stephanie Dyer -

    This video is awesome! I think I’m going to make the switch too. The binder is taking a considerable amount of filing time. Thanks for your help!

  • ginger -

    Ok I finally got the stuff for the box but have a crazy question..when you staple the index card to envelope and you put the lid on box does it not bend the top of the index card? It looks like it would be to tall for the box? Am I making any sense..LOL

  • mila -

    great idea ..i saw a couple of women the other day in okc carrying boxes like these and wondered how it was working

  • mila -

    great idea!

  • Kimberly -

    Thank you very much for the video.. It helped me a great deal and was wonderful to watch especially since I am very visual when learning new things. I will be trying the coupon box instead of the binder. It seems easier. I am new to this so I am going to give it a try.. πŸ™‚

  • Stephanie -

    Where do you get your envelopes laminated? How much does it cost?

  • erika -

    On my way to Wal-mart right now to get the materials to make my coupon box this will be my weekend project. I am so excited. I have tried the other systems and found them so hard to work with. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to attend your class.

  • Amanda -

    Thank you for all of the great tips and information!!!
    Can we purchase your new evelopes online yet?

  • Stephanie -

    I’m about to make my first coupon box. I am super excited. I can’t wait to be able to attend one of your classes. Thanks so much for your website and sharing all of your knowledge and ideas with us!

  • Cassie -

    I purchased a box with 60 of your envelopes at a recent coupon class. I love the envelopes! Much better than using a regular envelope and index card; I can flip thorough yours so much quicker.
    I need to purchase more envelopes from you (yes, I have more than 60 catergories), and can’t find anywhere on the website to do that. Please give me some info, so I can get more envelopes.

    Thank you!

  • CassandraMarie -

    Thank you for all your great tips! After a short (and very uninformed!) run with couponing following newlywed bliss, some health issues followed by moving completely upended that. Now I’m getting back on track, and hopefully better than ever.

    One suggestion– the vlogs are definitely helpful, but I’d suggest writing it out as well, even if it’s in bullet point summary format. One reason is that some people, like myself, actually prefer reading (or perhaps have computer issues with videos?) Another is that if I ever need a reminder, it would probably be helpful to be able to just skim the written version in 1 minute than watch an entire video.

  • Jacqui -

    I LOVE my coupon box. I did the binders before and they were too heavy and the printable qpons did not fit. With the box, I don’t have to fold any qpons. Thank you so much; I have been using mines for also 2 years now.

  • Lori Rodgers -

    The videos are great but the only problem I have is they don’t help me much, I’m hard of hearing and can’t understand what is being said.

  • Angie -

    Hi Carrie!I am wanting to purchase a coupon box, but it is not accepting my GET10 redemption code. Has this expired? Thanks!

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