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March 14th, 2012
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How to Price Match at Walmart

As promised, I am giving you a detailed description on how to price match at Walmart. Yes, Walmart can be frustrating, but if you understand their policy and head to Walmart prepared, then you can get some amazing savings.

1. Print and Read the Walmart Price Matching Policy.

You can print Walmart’s price matching policy here. Before you do anything else. Print it and read it. Then fold it up and put it in your Walmart envelope so you always have it with you.

2. They will price Match BOGO Sales.

Above you will find a screenshot of a Walgreens sale. In the ad it states that there Arm and Hammer Laundry detergent are on sale for Buy one (at $6.99) get one free! Walmart will price match this because the price of $6.99 is included in the ad.


Above you will see another screenshot of a Walgreens sale. This one states that several different Make up brands are buy one, get one 50% off. Now, Walmart will price match a BOGO 50% off sale, if a price is in the ad. Since there is NOT a specific price in the ad, Walmart will NOT price match this sale.


3. Walmart will price match Store coupons will a specific price listed.

Everyone gets confused on this one, so I have to pictures to show you to help you out.

Above you will find a Walgreens store coupon. It states that with that coupon you can get Orbit or Wrigley’s gum for 2 for $3. Since the coupon specifies a price, Walmart WILL price match this coupon.

Above is a Target STORE coupon. Because the coupon is for $.75/1 3pk Orbit gum, Walmart will NOT price match this store coupon.

4. Walmart will not price match RR, ECB, or Gift card deals.

That means any deal at Walgreens with a RR, at CVS with Extra Care bucks, or at Target with Gift card deals cannot be price matched at Walmaart. Here are 2 examples that Walmart will NOT price match:

Above is a picture of a Walgreens RR deal. Walmart will price match the sale price of $4.99, but will not price match the $3.99 (after RR).

Above is a sale from Target, where you will get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 2 Glad trash bags. Walmart will price match the sale price for the box of bags at $12. They will not price match the final price after the gift card.

5. Walmart will price match produce and meat prices.

Above is a sale at Aldi this week. (my screenshot is blurry -sorry!) You will find that it state Canteloupe is on sale for $.69 each. That means you can go to Walmart and price match the price for $.69 per canteloupe. Then you will also find that at Aldi Pears are on sale $.45 per lb. You can then price match at Walmart for $.45 per pound.

The point is that Walmart price matches price each to price each, or pound for pound. The same is true for meat.

6. It must be a local store and the price must be advertised.

Walmart will match any local competitor’s advertised price. (that means is has to be local)  You can’t price match an ad that is 2 hours away. 😉 Also, Walmart will not price match Crest Foods deals because they do not advertise their prices.

7. You do not have to have your ad with you to price match.

Walmart does not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad. Personally, if you have it -take it with you. If you don’t have it, then make sure you have the Walmart’s price matching policy  with you.

8. Items purchased must be identical to the ad

That means the size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc. all must be exactly to what is shown in the ad. Now with produce… it a brand is stated then you must price match to the brand. If no brand is shown, then is is apples to apple, oranges to oranges, etc…

WOW! I just gave you a ton of information. I hope I have explained it clearly do you can price match at Walmart easily. I still have so much more to say, but I am going to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will tell you how to use all this information to really help you save money.

Leave a comment if you still have questions, so I can make sure I get it all answered.



  • Buddy -

    Love it!! Thanks. 😉

  • joyce -

    Thank you that really helps a lot, especially since I’m just now starting to use coupons

  • Dustie -

    I’m new to couponing and price matching. We are a mitary family with 3 kids I need to cut down on my trip to walmart. It’s basically the only food store that we have. we do have a food lion, Piggly wiggly, target. Im learning so much already. I cant wait to try my first trip tonight. I should save about 15 by price matching and coupons. im use to spending around 250 every 2 wks. I want to get that down.

  • Tami -

    I have a friend that works at Walmart in Yukon and she told me today that in their staff meeting they were told they are going back to it being a requirement that you have to have the ad with you. You can’t just tell them the price. She stated that the El Reno store already does this even though it isn’t currently their policy. Just an FYI it might be a good idea to start taking the ads just in case! Thank you so much for all the information, you have saved my family so much money! I try to pass it along to others and I tell everyone I came across about your site…thank you!!!!!

  • I work at Aldi. A customer who said he worked at w-m told me they would price match our milk. He said no ad was needed. I didnt want to argue with him. But I said dont u have to have the same kind of milk. No just tell them how much it is. Didnt sound right to me.

    • Carrie -

      Jennifer, that isn’t right. If it was Borden milk and Walmart had Borden milk then you could price match it. BUT Aldi rarely has their milk prices advertised anyway, so you wouldn’t be able to price match it.

      • angela -

        Actually, Wal-Mart will price match to Aldi milk price, here in Ohio every few weeks Aldi has milk advertised for $1.99. Wal-Mart will price match their store brand of milk to Aldi milk, but ONLY the store brand. My husband has worked at Wal-mart for about 7 years now and they did that before he even started there. A lot of the cashiers will do it without even being asked because there are so many people who price match the milk. I never pay Wal-Mart’s price for milk, I’m always price matching it to somewhere…I will never understand why they don’t just lower the price …lol it’d make more sense to me but oh well, if they want to have their price of milk at over $4/gal for the store brand I will just rely on price matching it.

        Thanks for all the info Carrie! I have been couponing for about a year now and think I’m finally getting the hang of it lol!

  • Glenn -

    This is a question I’ve had for a while now on price matching. Maybe it will be answered in today’s post “I still have so much more to say, but I am going to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will tell you how to use all this information to really help you save money.”

    My question, is say you have a Walgreens BOGO ad. Lets say its $5 for a box of Advil, if you buy one you get another free. That means you are paying $5 for two boxes of Advils. So, you really are paying $2.50 per box of Advil… but you must buy two.

    So… does WM then match at $2.50 a box of Advil? And then you can add a coupon on top of that? Or do you have to buy 2 boxes of Advil ($5 total) and then you can add a coupon on top of it?

    Going by the above in the post on the Arm & Hammer example I read it as WM only say… $5 per box of Advil because that’s the price listed in the add, if you buy another box its still only $5 but you can add a coupon on top of that $5?

    ps Thank you so much for this website and this post!!

  • carla dickenson -

    “We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*
    Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad.”

    i was told at walmart in mustang that this means they WILL match RR and ECB prices, as long as a price is printed. you just get the $ amount off, not back!

  • Casey -

    Can you please explain why you can’t use the .75 off coupon for the orbit gum? I have used coupons at wal-mart that were so much off an item without the item price on the coupon. The cashier just deducted the amount off from the coupon and manually put the new price of the item. My coupon I used was a wal-greens coupon not a target, does that make a difference?

  • Tonya F -

    I don’t know why but the other day I asked a cashier if they price match if the ad says “With (store) card” and she picked up a sign they said they match “Store Loyalty Card prices” Yay! They’ve probably been doin goth at for a while and I had no idea. A lot of deals I’ve missed!

    Also, I asked a manager in Newcastle about matching store brands and she said they do!! So for example, Best choice for Great Value!

  • Courtney -

    Thank you! That just cleared up a lot of questions I’ve had!!

  • Jeffrey -

    Walmart price match is a joke.

    When I tried to match the price of a game console with Bestbuy in my local walmart store, I was asked to provide the so-called “Ads”. The manager said they can only price match to the items showing on competitors’ Ads. What a joke. The price is not on Bestbuy’s weekly Ads because it’s their normal price. I showed the manager the webpage, even a receipt borrowed from a friend and it is still not enough for them. So I went to Target instead and price match the item very smooth with no problem. The man there just verified Bestbuy’s webpage and then was happy to give me the discount.

  • Heather -

    While it is true that you don’t have to have the ads with you to price match at Wal-Mart, I completely agree with you that if you do have the ad then take it with you! On a few occasions I have came across some extremely awesome deals at competitor stores, once it was to the point that that the cashier didn’t think I was truthful and got the supervisor – who got someone else. I did NOT have my ads, meanwhile I said, “I’m not required to have an ad with me”, and one of them said that customers should have to provide the ads as proof of we could make up any price just to save a buck. HA!!! Gotta love the customer service sometimes! Either way I was a woman on a mission and they said they’d hold the cart for 1hr, I went home and got my ads and brought them. (They didn’t tell me I had to, but otherwise I was going to have to wait there, forever, doing nothing while they looked up prices.) Didn’t get an apology or anything. I wouldn’t have returned but I was there to prove a point. Bottom line: Take the policy with you and take the ads with you, it will save you a headache!!! Happy Shopping! 🙂

  • Heidi -

    Does walmart honor the “with card” prices at walgreens? Example milk $3.79 gallon with card which is the walgreens card?

  • Jasmine -

    It depends on who your cashier is. I had a really nice girl who matched everything in a walgreens or cvs ad. Even if it was BOGO free without a price, or after ECB/SUNDAY COUPON price (final price). She didnt even check the dates of the papers. I even stacked coupons on top of it.

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