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April 9th, 2013
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How to Print Coupons

One of my biggest frustrations as a couponer is printing coupons. Printing coupons can really ruin a good day. 😉 To find a fabulous printable coupon, but not being able to print it is very frustrating.

Here are a few tips I’ve figured out to make printing coupons go more smoothly:


1. Sign up for all the basic coupon sites before printing coupons.

Different coupon sites offer different ways of printing, so I recommend installing the coupon printers at, Coupon Network, Smart Source,  Red Plum, and to access the majority of coupons available.  Once you’ve installed the coupon printer, you are ready to print some coupons.

2. Only print from safe websites.

All of the sites that I mentioned already are safe for your computer. Plus, all the coupons posted here on Coupon Closet are all ones that we feel are safe for you to use.

3. Print here on Coupon Closet to find coupons faster.

If possible, I will post directly to a coupon on or Coupon Network. Finding that one coupon in a page with over one hundred coupons can be difficult. I try to post direct links as often as possible so you can find them faster. You can also sign up for our Daily Coupons newsletter. I will send you an update of printable coupons, so you never miss a HOT coupon.

4. Print 3 coupons at once to save on paper.

When you are printing from a coupons site, I always try to print 3 coupons at the same time. That way your paper is filled up and you are not wasting paper.

5. You can print 2 coupons per computer.

Please remember that as you’re printing coupons, you may never copy a printable coupon.  Typically a manufacturer allows you to print two of each coupon, so by clicking your back button after printing the first coupon you’ll be allowed a second print. If you need a more printable coupons you can get more by printing from other coupons or even your iPad or smart phone.

6. Be Ready for HOT Coupons.

There are some HOT coupons. They have print limits total. That means that some manufacturer coupons will only let the first 10,000 people print it (or any number like that). If you are not one of those 10,000 people, then you will miss out on that coupon. You can now sign up for FREE Text alerts. This means, when there is a HOT coupon, I will then alert you via text so you can hurry and get that coupon printed. You can learn about the free text alerts here.

7. If you’re having problems printing coupons, try a different browser.

I tend to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to print coupons. Sometimes, coupons just won’t work in some browsers like Internet Explorer. If you’re still having problems printing coupons you may want to try downloading an updated version of Java to your computer.


Did you know that we have a printable coupon page with all the latest printable coupons? Check it out here.



  • Jami -

    A problem I have run into is that I use a 64 bit browser most of the time and a lot of coupon printers only work with the 32 bit browser. Luckily I have both.

  • Misty -

    I have had a huge problem using Java. I install, but I can never get it to fully load. My hubby (who is techno smarty pants) can’t figure it out either. So, all of those wonderful Kellogg’s coupons – can’t get. 🙁

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