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  • How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby

Who doesn’t love Hobby Lobby? Okay, some people, but not most of the people I know. I love that they are one of the two corporate holdouts for being closed on Sundays (Chick-fil-a being the other). I also love that you can get some unbelievable deals if you know How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby.

If you don’t know, don’t worry. I’m about to share with you all the secrets to save big at Hobby Lobby the next time you shop.


How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby

1.Save Money by Following the sales.

More than just about any other store, Hobby Lobby is a creature of habit. Once every 4 weeks, you’ll find sales on home décor, paper & scrapbooking, and fabric & patterns. Every 3 weeks, explore your creative side with art supplies, yarn, jewelry-making supplies, and activity kits on sale. Every 2 weeks, get your frames, floral, stickers, and ribbon.

2. Stock up off-season.

You can get some serious deals (up to 90% off) if you shop post-season. Valentine’s Day is coming up – head over to Hobby Lobby on February 15th for some fantastic sales on post-holiday items for next year!

3. Sign up for the email list.

You’ll get the weekly ad emailed to you, as well as coupons and other goodies. It’s a quick, easy way to have access to all that Hobby Lobby has to offer, including…

4. Always use the 40% off coupon.

This is the glory of Hobby Lobby. Do not shop without it. Every week, you will get at least a 40% off coupon for a regular-priced item. No-brainer. You don’t even have to print it out. Just show the coupon on your phone and enjoy the savings. This is by far my favorite money saving tips at Hobby Lobby.

5. Feel free to use your coupon instead of sales.

Hobby Lobby sales are often 30% off. That’s great when you’re looking to buy more than one item. If you’re focused on one higher-priced item, however, you can use your 40%-off coupon rather than the 30% off sale. Just ask at checkout.

How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby - Here are 12 ways to save money the next time you are shopping at Hobby Lobby. Here are money saving tips you need to know

6. Order in-store as an easy way to save money.

Does your local store not have the item you’re looking for, or do you need more than they have? Order the items in-store. You still have access to “online” ordering, however you won’t pay shipping. You can save some serious coin with this strategy.

7. Don’t shop online.

This is one of the rare times you’ll read this from me, but Hobby Lobby’s selection in store is often better than online. Most stores fulfill online orders from a separate warehouse than store sales, but Hobby Lobby uses the same warehouse. Your local store likely has a better selection that online, and you won’t pay shipping.

8. Tissue paper is the cheapest here.

I just have to throw this in here. Hobby Lobby’s tissue paper is the best deal in the whole store – at full price. For 10 bucks, you get a multipack of tissue paper (in SO many colors). It’s an even better deal than getting tissue paper from the dollar store. Trust me – don’t buy tissue paper anywhere else.

9. Easy Money Saving Tip – You can Price-match.

Hobby Lobby will not accept competitor coupons, but they will price match (with competitor’s ad) the exact same item. If you find a better deal at Michael’s or JoAnn’s but are already on your way to Hobby Lobby, bring the ad with you for a price-match.

10. Get your exercise and get great deals.

Walk around Hobby Lobby to find clearance endcaps. As stores reorganize, clearance moves. Take a spin through the store each time you visit, since you may happen upon some awesome deals.

11. Cash-back with the Hobby Lobby VISA.

If you use plastic, apply for the Hobby Lobby VISA. You’ll get 5% cash-back on your purchases every time you shop. If you don’t have another cash-back card, you can even use this card elsewhere for 1% back every time you shop!

12. Save those receipts (Best way to save money)!

If an item you purchased goes on sale within 14 days, you can bring your receipt into the store and get a price adjustment for the sale price. Make sure to hang on to your receipts until the window has passed!

How to save at Hobby Lobby – It is really easy, once you know the little tips. Next time you shop, make sure you try a few of these tips and keep a few more bucks in your wallet.

How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby - Here are 12 ways to save money the next time you are shopping at Hobby Lobby. Here are money saving tips you need to know

Are there any Hobby Lobby monty saving tips we’ve missed? Share in the comments!


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