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October 27th, 2012
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How to Shop at Food Pyramid

If you are new to shopping at Food Pyramid, here is the low down.

Coupon Policy

Food Pyramid doubles manufacturer’s coupons up to $0.50 every day. That means if you have a coupon for $0.50, it will double to $1. If you have a coupon for $0.75, it will remain $0.75. Food Pyramid does have a few restrictions on what coupons they will accept:

  • Limit of 1 coupon per item.
  • Coupons will never exceed the purchase price of merchandise
  • Coupons for free merchandise will not be doubled.
  • Expired coupons will not be redeemed.
  • Product must be purchased for the specific size stated on the coupon.
  • Coupons from Price Cutter ads will be honored as stated on the coupon.
  • Coupons from other retailers’ ads will not be honored.
  • Doubling of coupons is limited to two like items. Additional coupons may be used for the same product but they will be redeemed at the face value of the coupon. That means they will double TWO like coupons per transaction.
  • There is a limit of 20 coupons that may be doubled at one time. More than 20 coupons may be used, but coupons over the limit of 20 will redeemed at face value only.
  • Internet coupons feature unique serial numbers printed on them and follow an industry standard format. Coupons printed without these features will not be accepted.
  • We do not accept Internet print-at-home coupons for free product.
  • We will accept Internet coupons up to and including $5.00. Internet coupons of $5.01 or above will not be accepted.

As you read, Food Pyramid will double TWO like coupons per transaction (this is unlike most Homeland stores – which only double one like coupon per transaction). Also of note, Food Pyramid will only double 20 coupons per transaction. That means if you plan a BIG shopping trip, you will need to divide it up into a couple of different trips so all of your qualifying coupons will double.


As always, I suggest printing the Food Pyramid coupon policy and keeping a copy of it in your coupon box, just in case you run into any problems at the store. 😉

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