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January 12th, 2016
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How to Stack Coupons


how to stack coupons effectively

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How to Stack Coupons effectively.

Stacking coupons is an art that once you master,  you will really be able to start saving money. Since we are on this journey of Saving money on Groceries, I thought this would be the perfect post to include in the series.



When you stack coupons, you are using 2 coupons (or more depending on the scenario) for your purchase. Yes, that means you can use more than one coupon on the same item. However, in order to stack coupons, You must meet these three qualifications

  1. You need a store coupon.
  2. You need a manufacturer coupon.
  3. You must follow the terms on both coupons.

To clarify – You CANNOT use more than 1 manufacturer coupon on one item. You have to have one manufacturer and one store coupon.

If you do not know what a store coupon and manufacturer coupon is, let’s review that from our How to read coupons post.

Store Coupon or Manufacturer Coupon?

Most coupons are manufacturer coupons, which means you can use them anywhere and at any store. However, there are some store coupons that you can use at the specific store. Here are a few tips to notice the difference.

store coupon - how to read coupons

They state it. Most store coupons will say “store coupon” on the coupon just like a manufacturer coupon will say “manufacturer coupon” on it. See the coupon above. We know this is a store coupon

Remit to address.  If it is a manufacturer’s coupon, it will include a remit to address in the fine print.  Store coupons will not have this on their coupons, because they do not need to send the coupon off for reimbursement.

A few stores that allows you to stack coupons:

Those are just a few that will allow it. Make sure you check your local store’s coupon policy to see if they allow it too.

What does stacking look like?

Here are a few examples of what you might see on here when I show you a coupon stacking matchup:

Here an example at Target:

Clorox Glass Wipes, 32ct – $2.49
Use $0.75/1 Clorox Glass Wipes coupon
Also Use $0.50/1 select Clorox Wipes Target coupon
Final Price: only $1.24

You can use both of these coupons because one is a manufacturer coupon and one is a store coupon. Because you can use both coupons you are able to save 50% on this container of wipes. Often times we are able to get items for FREE by stacking coupons.

how to stack coupons correctly to save you money

Stacking coupons is really easy to understand and use if you take the time to learn it. Once you understand, you can start saving a lot of money stacking coupons.

More lessons in our Couponing 101 series:

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What questions do you have about stacking coupon? Leave your questions in the comments.



  • Paughnee -

    Are the Dollar General digital coupons store coupons or manufacturer coupons?

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