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April 14th, 2011
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Lesson 2: How to Share a Deal with your Friends

Lesson 2: How to Share a Deal with your Friends

This is a great feature that many people don’t really know about and understand. Since I am always preaching “Pay it forward!” -this is one great way to do that. If you have friends that might like one of the great coupons, deals or shopping lists, you can actually e-mail it to them or just share it on your Facebook. It is so simple! Enjoy!

If you missed Lesson 1, make sure you take a minute to watch it too here. Eventually, I hope each of these lessons will make it easier for you to navigate through Coupon Closet, which will result in saving MORE money! 🙂



  • Shelley Johnson -

    I just shared this on Facebook!! Thanks!!

  • Annette McGee -

    Watched the video and am going to forward to friends

  • Annette McGee -

    Watched video and I am going to forward it to friends

  • misti -

    i shared on fb

  • Johnna -

    Thank you! Been Sharing with the gals at work, and they are loving it!

  • Deanna -

    I watched the video, very imformative.

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