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4 Weeks To a Lower Grocery Bill

This series is being written in December 2011, in hopes that it will prepare you for a fabulous money saving new year. Each week, we are covering a different topic – a challenge – to help you see those drastic savings that you have been wanting to see. Keep checking back, because I will continue to add to this series.

 4 Weeks to a Lower grocery bill introduction

Week 1: The Value of Menu Planning

Week 1 – Menu Planning, How do I start?

Week 1 – Menu Planning – 6 Steps to Making a Money Saving Menu!

4 Weeks to a Lower Grocery Budget: Week 2 – Freezer Cooking!

Week 2 – Freezer Cooking: Double Your Meals

Week 2 – Freezer Cooking: Freezing Preparation Food

 Week 3 -Simplify your couponing!

Week 3 – Simplify Couponing: Limit the Stores

Week 3 – Simplify Couponing: Limit Shopping Days

Weeky 4: Go Meatless for a Night


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